• Throughout the year upload your favorite photos onto your Memvio Dropbox Account. Every year sit back, enjoy and share your Memvio masterpieces!
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  • We encourage you to pick out songs you would love to have on your picture video. We will purchase your song requests from iTunes. Feel free to browse our List of Music Suggestions for ideas. If you don’t have a music preference, we will use songs we feel best fit your celebration and mood of photos.
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  • Price quoted for organized, chronological order, digital photos and memorabilia.
    If you are wanting a "different" number of songs in your picture video or more scrapbooked pages in your recurring year-to-year program, then what is listed…please email or call us for custom quote and order procedures.
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    The quoted prices are for “somewhat” organized, digital photos and memorabilia for picture videos and digital scrapbooks, and printed photos and memorabilia for traditional 3D scrapbooking services. If needed, Memvio will scan your printed photos and/or print your digital photos. 20 minutes, of expert Memvio photo organizational time is included for each song, all scrapbooking packages includes at least 60 minutes of professional photo organizational time per 30 pages, ---this is normally plenty of time to sort your pictures. If an ample amount of additional organizational time is needed there could be an additional fee -- a memvio representative will call and inform you of an approximate time/cost needed (if this is the case), for your approval and/or give you the option to better organize your content yourself. If you have No Time to organize your photos whatsoever---, No Problem. Check out our No Time, No Problem service.
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