• No Time? No Problem ($600 Deposit Required)

    We do it all for you. We’ll get started by drop-shipping a “kübox” (non-crushing protective media box) to your doorstep. You fill it with your precious media (old video, film, audio, photos, slides and negatives), send any digital pictures and video clips on a flash drive, CD, DVD or upload them onto your Memvio Dropbox Account ---send it back to us and we’ll get to work.

    We charge $30.00 per half hour to sort through it all. The average time spent sorting through boxes of material is between 2-8 hours (anticipation of more than 6 hours will warrant a phone call prior to proceeding). We will then determine what we have to work with, contact you with a timeline, develop a plan to move forward and provide you with an estimate.
  • Is there a color scheme you would like to use? (Leave blank if no preference)
  • What overall mood are you wanting to convey with your Memvio?
  • We encourage you to pick out songs you would love to have on your picture video. We will purchase your song requests from iTunes. Feel free to browse our List of Music Suggestions for ideas. If you don’t have a music preference, we will use songs we feel best fit your celebration and mood of photos.
  • If Other, Please Specify.

  • We understand that your time is more valuable doing what you love or need to do, i.e.– making your memories. Rather than doing what we love and need to do, i.e.—helping you hold onto and cherish your memories.
  • Important

    The required $600.00 deposit for our, No Time-No Problem ---program, allows our staff to begin investing time, expertise, equipment and supplies to sort, organize and determine what you have. We charge $30.00 per half hour for these services. To save time, if you want everything digitized—no problem—just mark digitize everything above and we’ll call you with an estimate and timeline to do just that.
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