No Time? No Problem!

We understand that your time is more valuable doing what you love or need to do, i.e.– making your memories. Rather than doing what we love and need to do, i.e.—helping you hold onto and cherish your memories.

Every single minute of every day is unique, and once gone, can never be regained.

Memories remind us of the people we love. The good times we’ve had, the times in our lives that brought us happiness. They bring us laughter and tears. They are our guide, give us strength, or cause us to stumble. But they belong to us and they are part of our identity; where we’ve been, where we’re going and who we are.Your reason(s) for not memorializing your photos is either, “I have no time”, “I have no patience”, “I don’t know where to begin”, or “I haven’t a creative bone in my body”. Sound familiar?  No Problem !

We Make Things Easy

We can do it all for you. Pay a $600.00 deposit and we’ll get started by drop-shipping a “kübox” (non-crushing protective media box) to your doorstep. You fill it with your precious media —old video, film, audio, photos, slides and negatives. Send any digital photos and modern video clips on a flash drive, CD, DVD or upload them onto your Memvio Dropbox Account —send it back to us and we’ll get to work.

Pick your “kübox size” —according to how much media you are sending. Our kübox pricing is based on the size of box you choose and/or need and includes drop-shipment to your doorstep. For your convenience, the cost of your kübox and the cost for drop-shipment of your kübox to your door will be deducted from your original $600 deposit.

What is a “kübox”? Küboxs are specialty boxes made for transporting very valuable, precious and potentially heavy items safely —with up to 150 pounds allowed inside, and the strength to resist over 5,000 lbs on top. In our opinion, your precious, irreplaceable media will be as safe as possible during shipment with your kübox. Also, your kübox can serve as a forever “safe home” for your returned original media.

After filling your “kübox” ship it back to us—insured and with tracking information to the following address:

14532 Manchester Rd
Ballwin, MO 63011

Another option is for you to find a box (non-crushing strength is advised) pack your media safely and send to us at the above address. Please send all materials using a tracking number and insured. We only accept packages that require signatures. This is for your peace of mind and ours.

If you have requested rush service, be sure you’ve scheduled your “spot” in our queue and send overnight.

We charge $30.00 per half hour to sort through it all. The average time spent sorting through boxes of material is between 2-8 hours (anticipation of more than 6 hours will warrant a phone call prior to proceeding). We will then determine what we have to work with, contact you with a timeline, develop a plan on how you want to move forward, (i.e.: custom scrapbooking, picture video production, digitization or all of the above) and then we’ll provide you with an estimate. Once we have a plan in place the balance of your original deposit will be credited towards the —new, 60% required deposit for all custom orders. If a partial credit of your initial deposit is owed due to plan pricing equaling less than original deposit –we will credit amount owed back to your original payment method.

We work with minimal information from you due to your time constraints and/or we’ll work with pages and pages of details and stories you have accumulated. Telling your story and making your memvio everything you envision is what is important to us. We are very good at being able to put story lines together without a ton of information from you, we are also quite proficient in sorting important information from an abundance of media (newspaper articles, large pedigrees and family history’s). We will ask you to provide us with some guidance/guidelines —and then, whatever info you give us even if minimal we will use our creativity and experience to create an amazing Memvio for you.

Ready to Start?

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