Recurring Year-to-Year Program

Sit back, relax and let Memvio give life to all of your cherished memories.

About the Program

Do you have an incredible number of pictures and mini-video clips floating throughout the web and feel overwhelmed by the thought of organizing them all? Is the time commitment to create beautiful memorabilia frightening? Memvio is here to help. Our one-of-a-kind recurring year-to-year, picture video and/or scrapbooking program is the answer you’ve been looking for. Every year, (for a small monthly fee)– we mix love & creativity, your story & our inspiration, with the power of captions, effects & embellishments and produce a dynamic & loving tribute, memorial, celebration, heirloom. We take your priceless photos & mementos, and design an amazing Memvio for you.

How it Works

A GREAT feature of the “recurring year-to-year” program is how easy it is to capture your every day memories— EVERY year!
We’re here for you. Send us whatever pics you love throughout your year and we’ll help you celebrate.

1) Choose your ongoing celebration and date. (choosing a date/celebration gives us a celebrative goal date and potential theme to have your Memvio in your hands each year)
ex: Anniversary, Child’s Birthday, Vacations, College Days, Sports Programs, School Programs, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Holidays, Everyday Life.

2) Choose your program & setup monthly installments
Select between Picture Video, Scrapbook or combined! Memvio will automatically debit your account every month for — eternity or until you cancel  —for the same affordable monthly installment depending on which program you choose, (it takes the equivalent of 12 payments to fully pay for your yearly Memvio).

3) Sit back, enjoy!
Throughout the year upload your favorite photos onto your Memvio Dropbox Account. Every year sit back, enjoy and share your Memvio masterpieces!

Ready to Start?

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