Scrapbook Preservation Program

1) Memvio has contracted with “Craig Moodie Designs” to custom build amazing memory boxes to securely and safely store and protect your scrapbooks. Equipped with handles to easily carry and show off to family and friends, interior felt bottoms to prevent the album from scratching and a secure latch to keep any unwanted dust, moisture etc.., out of the box and away from your scrapbook. You can order the custom memory boxes— stained and then distressed painted to match the color of your album or you can choose your favorite stain color to match your other home furnishings. These boxes are beautiful and perfect to preserve your scrapbook. The cost for the memory boxes are $139.99 and is included at no cost—with all 100+ page —single scrapbook orders.

2) We also offer scrapbook “hospital care” and/or “facelifts”! After years of viewing—the plastic page protectors can get a bit rough. A lot of our customers are a bit intimidated with the idea of taking the scrapbook apart, replacing the plastic and being able to put the scrapbook back together as it is supposed to be—-we can do this for you! Give us a heads up —that it is coming back. Ship your scrapbook to us —we’ll replace the plastic page protectors, check the security of the adhesive holding everything in place. The album and its spine will be checked to make sure its holding up to the wear and tear of people enjoying the album and if needed we’ll replace the outer album. Then we’ll ship it back to you in new or at least near new condition. Cost for this service is only: $199.99 plus shipping.