Choose a Scrapbooking Program

…. the acquisition of a brilliant vision is priceless.

Included in All Scrapbooking Programs

  • All “custom” scrapbooked pages in your order e.: design time (average 2-6 hours per page), creation time of page after custom design, all specialty paper and beautiful & unique embellishments (most embellishments designed and created in-house). 
  • DVD of your digitized photos organized by year
  • Secondary sorting and organization of photos (secondary means, we ask you to do basic sorting and organizing and we will do the rest at no charge). Extremely disorganized files —could be charged an approved additional organizing fee. It has proven to be true—that the more details and organized files you provide—the better your final product. Keep in mind, we are getting to know who you are through what you send us. The more we know, the more creative we can be.
  • Printing of selected “to be scrapbooked” digital photos
  • Custom-bound beautiful albums
  • For albums 60 or more pages —we include our custom-made memory box by “Craig Moodie Designs” for lifetime preservation.

Recurring Year-to-Year

Select This Program → This is the most exciting and affordable program we offer. For a small monthly fee, you pick your celebration or occasion and we will create a Memvio Scrapbook for you every year!

Life Story

Select This Program → Our Life Story Scrapbooks are beautiful tributes typically 100+ pages and/or several smaller albums —covering a person’s (or family’s) “full life story.” Specializing in showcasing old ancestry photos, memorializing a special lost loved one’s life and accomplishments (we also offer a minimized “Rushed Memorial Service” —in time for funerals), and amazing everyday Life Celebrations.

One-Time Themed Celebration

Select This Program →   A celebration of your day-to-day special events, produced in a creative masterpiece for your family and friends to enjoy for years.