memvio… Voila, Immortality.

About memvio

memvio is a full-service scrapbooking, picture slideshow, digital photo book and digitization company specializing in preserving life’s priceless memories. Our goal is to perfectly capture your most precious moments and give you the gift to cherish them forever.

Our talented team of designers are dedicated to bringing your pictures and memories to life. Each of them bring a unique vision and style to their work, ensuring that each page and/or slide is amazing and each memvio scrapbook, digital photo book and picture slideshow are one of a kind. Designing scrapbooks and picture slideshows is more than a job to our memvio team, it is a passion they have been living for decades.

memvio’s Story

My mother opened her beautiful blue Irish eyes for the last time after her last walk on this earth. No one doubted for a moment as she smiled her radiant smile, that she saw heaven, liked what she saw, and strode there confidently. After my mother passed, I struggled trying to find a way to always remember the wonderful times we had together, her beautiful smile, and her gentle manner. I never wanted to forget, nor did I want my children or future generations to forget.

My whole life, I’ve always had a love for pictures and creating beautiful memorabilia. I’ve always wanted special family moments to last a lifetime. As a mother of five, I’ve made scrapbooks for each of my children and many others for over 30 years. At all of the family functions I was the one snapping my camera to capture our special memories. I was also a dancer – I owned dance studios and taught dance to all ages for many years until I got bad arthritis in my feet and could no longer teach.

Because of my lifelong love for pictures, the memories behind each one, the passing of my mother, my love for music and dance, and my ability to choreograph pictures to music —I began creating picture slideshows. I describe them as pictures dancing through the memories. My first video was in celebration of my mother’s beautiful life. Then came friends, family and clients —requests of custom scrapbooks and picture slideshows for their birth announcements, anniversaries, weddings, sports recruitment, family reunions and so much more!

Thus, memvio (which stands for Memory Video) was born.

Some of Our Work.