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Robert Single Dad Father Baby 2 Grad Memvio Custom Scrapbook Program

This is one of my favorite Memvio custom scrapbook baby 2 grad pages.

The first time that we were doing her hair, and she was running away from me. Again, being a single dad I didn’t know how to do hair at that point, and figuring it out on that day was very, very special experience. And the fact that I have this keepsake in here shows the terrible job that I did originally, all the trials and errors that I was doing that day, and ultimately we ended up just putting her in a hat. So the hat … That day was very, very special, and I love the fact that I have these photos in this Memvio custom designed baby 2 grad scrapbook, and they created that for me and just kept that day in this little capsule that I can go back and flip through anytime I want to.

This was such a special day. It was Easter, and what I actually like and didn’t realize until going through these, now, is that it was so special for a lot of different reasons. She’s getting a little bit older, we’re being able to dress her up in outfits, and different types of shoes, and being able to keepsake the entire Easter, this was really as she was just kind of coming out into her own, and that was a special day.

Alright, this is one of my favorite ones. We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens, this is definitely one of my favorite pages that Memvio made. We went to the Botanic Gardens, just me and McKenna, and we were just running around, looking at flowers, and she had on this little flower dress, with this pink hat, and we took a lot of great photos that day. And we take the photos to be able to go back and remember it, and the fact that it’s all now in a book, and presented the way that it is right now, they actually make the day seem, sometimes, a little better than it actually was. And the way that that gets presented by Memvio in this custom scrapbook is special to me, because it highlights the beauty of that day in its entirety.

Same day on this scrapbook page, she’s out there smelling a flower. I’m amazed at how Memvio’s scrapbook design team merged the flowers into all the pictures of that day, her running on the deck, again, think it’s very, very well done and special to go back and take a look at.

Carnival fun. This is the first time we went to a carnival. As far as taking … Just the little tickets that they put in there, again, we went to a carnival, and having the tickets and integrating the colors that are actually coming from the pictures into the background, again I think Memvio did a really good job on that. Something that I could not, would not, wouldn’t even have the mindset to do myself. I just sent the photos into them and got back this beautiful book in return.

What’s cool about this Memvio baby 2 grad custom scrapbook page is it’s interactive.

This is Halloween, this is her second Halloween. And the first time she carved a pumpkin, and the first time that I actually carved a pumpkin in about 10 or 15 years. And I absolutely love this page, because it’s integrated as far as the first pumpkin seeds were saved and put into a little Ziploc baggie that is put into the book as a keepsake. And I think that that was a nice touch by Memvio, as far as asking me for that, because it’s something that I wouldn’t have thought to do, but ultimately they ended up requesting keepsakes, and that just helps make the book and the contents within it just that much more special.

This right here, one of my favorite pages on Memvio, this is the first ballon that I ever bought my daughter. And what was so great about this balloon is it lasted for a long time, and so we have several photos of McKenna with her balloon, different times of the year. It’s a Dory balloon. Originally where we got the pumpkin that we have the seeds from on the other page of the book, that’s when we actually got the Dory, and it ended up lasting a couple of months. And there’s several photos of this Dory balloon on these pages, and what they actually did is I sent them the balloon itself, and they wrapped the pages in there so that McKenna could have the first balloon that I ever got her for the rest of her life. And that’s something that Memvio did that will be a legacy, and a tradition within our family to be able to keep things like this forever and pass it down to our children.

This is the last page here, was the day that she got baptized. That’s a really beautiful page as well. Again, keepsake, as far as what Memvio did, is I sent them the shawl that she wore on the day of her baptism, and they ended up wrapping the pages in that, and having a little bow from her dress that she’ll be able to keep. Again, it brings it to life, it’s so detail-oriented, and brings to life the actual day, makes the photos just unlock that memory, and touch your heart again, which is nice.

Everyone needs a Memvio, because it lets you relive the experiences that you’ve had in the past.

And the scrapbook itself makes the pictures as close to the day, if not sometimes even better than the day itself.

I believe it’s important for everyone to join Memvio’s Baby 2 Grad program, because you can pass it down to your children, and the children’s children, and it’s just something that they will be able to cherish for years to come.

I really enjoy looking through it, I know my daughter really enjoys looking through it with me, and as she gets older we add more books to the collection, it’s just going to be that much better a token of the beautiful life that we live.

And the awesome moments that we have, and the special times that are now, and the special times that we’re going to have in the future.

I’m Robert Siata, and I love Memvio.

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