Benefits of Transferring Old Media to Digital

Just yesterday, it felt as if physical picture albums that overflowed with Polaroids were how we shared our memories with family and friends. Now, it’s possible to text, email, Insta, snap, and send it to the cloud if we need to save or share those memorable times. The same goes for videos. VHS’s had their home theater era; however, now downloadable and streaming video is how we receive our fill.


Yes, time definitely has changed how we enjoy and share our media, yet is it all for the better?


You are about to discover exactly what the advantage to digitizing media is.


Declutter from hoarder status


So just because you love to hold onto every cassette tape, VHS, and all other old analog media you have ever owned does not mean you are a hoarder. However, digitizing your media may create some critical storage or house space that you might be hurting to have. Go and get that library of home videos and old media digitized and find more room than you ever imagined inside your home.


Become Artistic


With your old memories within a more versatile format, you now have the keys to more artistic liberation. Have a digital scrapbook created with your photos, make a website for family and friends to see, edit a video or share your newly digitized media on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and more.


It is Easier


We reside in a world in which the easier, the better. All of us are busy folks living hectic lives. Do you truly want to take the additional time battling your old media to get it to work? Digitizing memories makes it accessible and convenient with just the touch of a button on the smart device of choice.


Digitizing your media will go a long way in preserving your valuable memories for generations. If you need help with this process, memvio will help preserve your past.