How Do We Calculate Our Cost Per Page?

For simplicity and budget purposes, we do have a per page set fee — considering the time, we put into each “custom” page, what we charge, typically breaks down to a $15-$17/hour cost to you, including creative team, supplies, organizing, printing of photos, etc…

Not Sure if Memvio is in Your Budget?

Ask yourself...

Do you grab a morning coffee before work?

The average Starbucks order is about $3.50...

Or you can receive 8 beautiful Memvio Scrapbook pages — completely custom and handmade — for just $1 per day!

Unwind with a regular happy hour?

With your busy schedule, you deserve it!

You also deserve to never worry about scrapbooking again! Memvio’s scrapbooking services cost less than a weekly happy hour! 

How often do you enjoy "date night" with your love?

Dinner, Movie, or Both?

For less than you spend on dessert or popcorn per month, you could celebrate your love and lives together with a Memvio picture video or scrapbook! 

How much do you spend on memberships you never use?

Whether it's a gym, Hello Fresh or FabFitFun...

Why not retain Memvio and pay the same amount for something you will actually LOVE and CHERISH forever? 

Let's Face It:

You are going to continue to indulge in the above frivolous activities --- and YOU SHOULD! By tweaking one of them just a bit, however, you can afford to hire Memvio. What is it worth to you, to have your most precious moments and memories professionally and beautifully preserved to cherish and enjoy forever?

No Stress, No Contracts! $1, a-day? What are you waiting for?

Here's a little Food for Thought...

How much did you spend on your wedding? The dress, the flowers, the photographer?

If you are like most, your wedding was a huge (and important) investment!

Why did you invest so much in your wedding? The answer we hear most often is for the memories… memories you don’t want to lose and let fade. With Memvio, you never have to worry about your cherished memories fading!

How many priceless photos do you have stored away or in your phone?

Think of all the cherished memories hidden away, only to be forgotten?

From the “First Day of School” to the “Last Day of Work” — Memvio helps you cherish all the moments and milestones that make up your life, love and passion!

Are you really going to DIY??

Two Words: Choose Memvio. Scrapbooking 18 years of your child's life takes an incredible amount of time, dedication and effort. Spend your precious time with the ones you love!

Don’t choose generic, choose AMAZING! Don’t put it off, thinking you’ll get around to it, YOU WON’T.  Don’t tell yourself  “it’s expensive”, IT’S NOT. Start now! Your children will thank you!

What is the Memvio Process Like?

  • Discover Meeting: Memvio Designer Develops Custom Plan for Customer based on Preferences and Goals
  • Production Begins - Photos are selected, edited (if needed) and Printed.
  • Custom Concept Phase: Designer Develops Complete Concept for Customer's Memvio -- to tell a complete story, beautifully and artfully.
  • Design: Desinger pulls paper, creates custom embellishments, pulls bling and adhesives, cut mats and create the pages
  • Create the Album: We choose and pay for, the perfect album, which normally requires us to custom create the spines. We always reinforce every plastic page-cover, to prevent frequent ripping from the spine area. We fill the pages into the plastic covers—ultimate care needed.

Still want to know more? See our detailed, step-by-step cost/time breakdown below!

• Memvio Designer Welcome Call —within 48 hours of online order.
(time: 10-30- minute call)
• Customer uploads materials via their Memvio account or send them to Memvio headquarters. Memvio team members are always available to help if needed.
(time: 0-20- minute average)
• Memvio communicates with customer to accumulate important detail information, how customer envisions the album (i.e. favorite colors, who’s who, do’s and don’ts). (time 20-40-minute average).
• Often, your Memvio designer will contact you numerous times (adding onto this time average) for detailed information throughout your program. We then sort and organize customer’s uploaded photos and determine the best page/layout pics to fully tell each customer’s story. (labor time 20-60-minute average)
• We then upload the customer’s chosen photos to our photo printing process center (giving ourselves ample possibilities, just in case), i.e. uploading and printing more photos than we will use, for the best outcomes.
(time: 20-60-minute average)
• We pick up and pay for clients selected printed photos.
(time: 15-30-minute average)
• Our design team then begins the custom concept phase, to date we have yet to complete this phase in less than 45 minutes per page —literally some pages takes us days (so often many hours) to develop “a concept” we truly strive to create a concept that will re-tell your special memories.
• Sometimes our original concept idea needs to go back to the drawing board because once we tried it —it just didn’t work.
(time: minimum 45-minutes to multiple hours — often, several designers collaborating together for the PERFECT design)
• Pull paper
• Create custom embellishments (occasionally we use the perfect big-store purchased embellishments, but not often) 95% of the time we custom design and create your embellishments.
• Pull coordinating bling
• Cut at least single (perfectly cut and coordinated) mats, often to achieve the WOW factor we create double, triple and even quadruple matting —behind photos and embellishments — extremely time consuming but so worth the look.
• Pull adhesives
• Create the page
• Quality control approval
(time: 60-90+-minutes)
(supply costs including printing of your photos: $5-$8 per page)
• We choose and pay for, the perfect album
• The size of our custom books normally requires us to custom create the spines
• We always reinforce every plastic page-cover, to prevent frequent ripping from the spine area.
• We fill the pages into the plastic covers—ultimate care needed.
• Prepare for shipping and ship (shipping is additional)
(time: 10-30+ minutes, supply costs for this section $20-$50)