How Do We Calculate Our Cost Per Song?

For simplicity & budget purposes, we have a per song set fee. We’ve considered —the time it takes to create each slide, the timing of each slide, unique transitions and so much more. What we charge, typically breaks down to a $15-$20/hour cost to you, including edited video clips, photo organizing & music purchases to name a few.  

With Memvio Picture Videos, the possibilities are endless...

Every Celebration is a Memvio Celebration!

An unforgettable addition to your Wedding Day

With a Custom Memvio Picture Video, you can take your guests back in time and revisit all the memories of your love's journey!

An Anniversary gift you will cherish forever.

Whether it's 5, 15, or 50 years... true love should always be cherished. Memvio Picture Videos celebrate your life together!

Celebrate a Loved One's Life by Telling Their Story

Losing a loved one is difficult, but celebrating their life's story with a Memvio Picture video is an amazing way to always remember their legacy.

Celebrate Life's Milestones

Memvio Picture Videos can showcase all the milestones and moments from diapers to diplomas. Perfect for graduation open houses and celebrations!

Think About It...

How many priceless photos do you have stored away or in your phone? Think of all the cherished memories hidden away, only to be forgotten? From the “First Day of School” to the “Last Day of Work” — Memvio helps you cherish all the moments and milestones that make up your life, love and passion!

The Memvio Promise

Your Life, Your Story

Our work is unique & amazing — Created around YOUR pictures, YOUR stories.

We custom create new slides everyday. Our current slide library is 3000+ strong and growing. We pull a variety of slides from our amazing  library and create for you a one-of-a-kind picture video — telling your story as only your story can be told.

Professional Designers and Storytellers

Being able to offer such a specialized service does not come without expenses and a lot of incredible talent.

Great customer experience, quality control and custom work is what is most important to us as a company.

An Investment You Will Cherish Forever

What we do is worth every penny and a special keepsake that lasts and you will cherish forever!

Plus, with our monthly subscription services like Family Yearbooks and Picture Videos, you can keep adding to your story every year!  

What is the Memvio Process Like?

  • Discovery Meeting: Memvio Designer Develops Custom Plan for Customer based on Preferences and Goals
  • Production Begins - Photos and videos are selected and edited (if needed).
  • Custom Concept Phase: Designer Develops Complete Concept for Customer's Memvio -- to tell a complete story, beautifully and artfully.
  • Silde Design: Designer/editor selects background colors and background video movement. Creates custom online embellishments for the slides and incorporates photos and videos.
  • Design DVD Label and Custom Case: We design custom labels and casing for your picture video, based on the theme/celebration/photos you provided. We also return any photos sent by mail.

Still Want to Know More? See our detailed, step-by-step/cost breakdown below.

• Memvio Designer Welcome Call —within 48 hours of online order.
(time: 10-30- minute call)
• Customer uploads materials via their Memvio account or send them to Memvio headquarters. Memvio team members are always available to help if needed.
(time: 0-20- minute average)
• Memvio communicates with customer to accumulate important detail information, how customer envisions the album (i.e. favorite colors, who’s who, do’s and don’ts). (time 20-40-minute average).
• Often, your Memvio designer will contact you numerous times (adding onto this time average) for detailed information throughout your program. We then sort and organize customer’s uploaded photos and determine the best pics/clips to fully tell each customer’s story. (time 20-60-minute average)
• We then go through an extremely time-consuming process choosing the perfect song(s). This process is crucial to do correctly to properly tell your story --- keeping with its theme and mood. (time: 20-60-minute average)
• Unless provided, we choose and pay for selected songs. (time: 15-30-minute average)
• Our design team then begins the custom concept phase, to date we have yet to complete this phase in less than 10 minutes per slide (average number of slides per song is 80+) ---literally some slides takes us days (often hours) to develop a concept (we truly strive to create a concept that will re-tell your special memory(s). Sometimes our original concept idea needs to go back to the drawing board because once we tried it ---it just didn’t work. (time: multiple hours --- often, several designers collaborating together for the PERFECT design).
• Decide on background colors and/or background video movement
• Create custom online embellishments for the slides.
• Create the slide(s)
• Quality control approval
(time: 4-8 hours per song)
• Design DVD label and custom casing
• We design custom labels and casing for your picture video, based on the theme/celebration/photos you provided.
• Package and shipping of your DVD(s). Shipping is additional.
• Return photos sent via mail.