The memvio Foster Family Platform


memvio would like to welcome you and your foster child(ren) to a complimentary membership into our Memory Keeping Portal preserving family memories. We thank you for your commitment in supporting. protecting and nurturing our fostered children.

My husband and I always wanted to foster children, with our companies both requiring travel we haven’t been able to. memvio provides us with an opportunity to give back, —yes,  in a different but important platform! memvio is committed to be an advocate to foster children whose connections are disrupted. 

memvio will help organize and preserve  foster children’s memories in one location no matter where their childhood takes them.  As they age out of the foster care program, they will be able to make sense of and enjoy their childhood memories. They will gain a sense of their individual continuity as well as maintain and strengthen bonds with their foster, and hopefully, biological families.

memvio’s memory keeping portal will be incredibly valuable for the well-being and self-esteem of each foster child. The purpose is for foster children to be less confused about their life.

The current memory gaps in a foster child’s life can have profound impacts on their well-being. With the free platform access memvio offers, all foster parents (often times many throughout a foster child’s life) can upload pictures, videos, audio recordings and special documents (i.e.: birth certificate, medical information, report cards) into their foster child’s private memvio portal.

We can help fill the gaps in the child’s life, showing a clear life path and most importantly reminding each child he or she is cared for and very loved.


Please click on the below email link and fill out the form. 

We’ll get back with you soon and get you started preserving memories!