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Oh, how I wish I would have videotaped a live legacy interview of my grandmother, grandfather, my mama, my daddy and yes, my baby brother before they passed. How I miss their voices, their laughter, their tears. I so very much miss the family stories they often told.

Life was so busy back then, I didn’t realize how special those story-telling moments were.I really didn’t realize how fast they would be gone.

Gone forever, their voices never to be heard again.

Do not let life pass you by, do not be too busy.Do not delay. No Excuses. Budget It. Fit It In. Do It!

You’ve got the stories, memvio has the expertise and an incredibly talented team to help you celebrate your stories through custom created oral legacy videos and audio biographies. You and your family will treasure the videos for many generations to come.

Once recorded, you have options:

  • Take the raw video footage and enjoy “as is” on a DVD
  • We will “edit” the raw footage and present to you– an amazing, to be forever cherished memoir.
  • We will create an embellished picture montage, including the perfect video clip moments from your interview, adding your life’s special pictures &
    mementos –producing a treasured heirloom.

Once recorded, you have options:

  • Experienced producers
  • Organizing & planning
  • Skilled interviewers & seasoned video editors
  • Camera, lighting & audio technicians
  • State-of-the-Art equipment

Pricing varies depending on your
individual needs.

Call and schedule a phone conference or fill out our contact form and one of our legacy experts will follow up. We can help you create a strategy & a course of action towards production. You will be so glad you did!