Preserve Sweet Spring Memories in a Custom Scrapbook

Time marches on. The phrase has been around for ages, but holds ever so true, regardless of life’s events. This spring, take the time to step back and admire the moments and milestones that happen along time’s march — the laughs on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, the look on your mom’s face when you show up unexpectedly at her door, and everything in between.

This time of year is packed with milestone events: Mother’s Day, Spring Break, Graduation. Wait — It’s already time for Spring Break?! And so time marches! Many of us take memorable trips in the spring when we start itching for warmer weather and a close to the semester. Maybe the trip isn’t epic, but it has some extra special moments regardless. Those moments tend to slip by in a blink — make sure you do what you can to hold them close!

Some memories may not seem significant at the time they happen, but may become more valuable later. And sometimes the ordinary — like the cookout on the first night, or the first campfire — become the most cherished.

If you’ve ever heard a loved one talk about a big storm everyone had to run for cover from, helping a stuck turtle back to the water, a midnight swim, or that time they left a pizza in the oven too long and burned the edges, you know what kind of memories we’re talking about.

Think about how special it would be if you could string together a series of pictures of those small things. Now that would be a treasure to revisit for years to come. What a great graduation gift it would be to have a custom scrapbook or picture video made of the little things — they are what really matters!

Moments don’t last forever, but the memories and stories sure can, and we’d love to help you preserve them in a scrapbook or picture video of your choice. Friendships often last decades, so how fun would that be to revisit that spring break trip next time everyone’s back together? Family time is always a great time to reflect on cherished moments, so how amazing would it be to look back on that cookout, turtle or pizza night? 

Break out the scrapbook — either digital picture video or physical, we love making both! — and cause time to stop marching, if only for a second. Reflect and enjoy the memories again!

Organization and Overwhelm: How to Cherish Your Photos and Memories Through Scrapbooks and Picture Videos

Organization, Strings of B&W Photos


Everyone always says, “time flies,” and isn’t that the truth? How many times have you caught yourself looking back through a stack of old photos feeling completely wrapped up in nostalgia?

We love that feeling! Nostalgia is a universal experience that everyone feels. Looking through piles of photos and old albums is a tactile experience. There’s something magical about handling these memories and flipping back through time.

At Memvio we enjoy this feeling so much that it’s our specialty to preserve these precious memories in beautifully embellished scrapbooks that you can cherish forever. Maybe you’ve got a box or two of old family photos tucked away in your closet, under your bed, or possibly in the basement? Maybe you even have old home-movies and film slides? These memories deserve to be held in a meaningful scrapbook or picture video–not tucked away to be seen once in a blue moon.

Boxes of photographs continue to grow, don’t they? It’s because everyone is busy making memories — as they should be! Sometimes you can get so busy that you don’t even have time to print your photos, so they’re all stored digitally. Do you have a ton of photographs saved to your phone, computer, or the cloud? Those precious memories are just hanging out in there only to be seen when you have time to click through tons of unorganized folders, and likely a slow computer. Busy people don’t have time for that!

If your photos are stored on social media, like Instagram or Facebook — these memories get buried under tons of posts and likely only pop back up when you use the “on this day” memory feature to look back — this feature allows you to see the photos you posted on that exact date, and no other photos. Wouldn’t it be nice to access this type of feature, but have all of your memories at your fingertips? If so, our picture video service is perfect for you! We love making videos, choreographing your photos to music for the best trip down memory lane.

The first step to saving your photos is organization. Organizing photos can seem very overwhelming — perhaps you’ve felt this way? If you don’t have time to save your photos into a precious scrapbook, or even retrieve and save them in a digital format, think about utilizing our subscription services. We are the one-and-only yearly scrapbooking/picture video subscription service that exists, and we’d love to help you save your precious memories! We are able to create a personalized traditional scrapbook, digital scrapbook, or picture video — you simply choose which format you’d prefer! Perfect for busy people, right?

Whether you’re overwhelmed by boxes of photos, daunted by organizing albums, or lost in your digital cloud — we’ve got your back! Being able to look back at your photos in such a special way is priceless — It’s our most favorite gift to give.

Are you a single father? A Memvio Scrapbook is the right way to cherish your child’s life.

This is one of my favorite Memvio custom scrapbook baby 2 grad pages.

The first time that we were doing her hair, and she was running away from me. Again, being a single dad I didn’t know how to do hair at that point, and figuring it out on that day was very, very special experience. And the fact that I have this keepsake in here shows the terrible job that I did originally, all the trials and errors that I was doing that day, and ultimately we ended up just putting her in a hat. So the hat … That day was very, very special, and I love the fact that I have these photos in this Memvio custom designed baby 2 grad scrapbook, and they created that for me and just kept that day in this little capsule that I can go back and flip through anytime I want to.

This was such a special day. It was Easter, and what I actually like and didn’t realize until going through these, now, is that it was so special for a lot of different reasons. She’s getting a little bit older, we’re being able to dress her up in outfits, and different types of shoes, and being able to keepsake the entire Easter, this was really as she was just kind of coming out into her own, and that was a special day.

Alright, this is one of my favorite ones. We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens, this is definitely one of my favorite pages that Memvio made. We went to the Botanic Gardens, just me and McKenna, and we were just running around, looking at flowers, and she had on this little flower dress, with this pink hat, and we took a lot of great photos that day. And we take the photos to be able to go back and remember it, and the fact that it’s all now in a book, and presented the way that it is right now, they actually make the day seem, sometimes, a little better than it actually was. And the way that that gets presented by Memvio in this custom scrapbook is special to me, because it highlights the beauty of that day in its entirety.

Same day on this scrapbook page, she’s out there smelling a flower. I’m amazed at how Memvio’s scrapbook design team merged the flowers into all the pictures of that day, her running on the deck, again, think it’s very, very well done and special to go back and take a look at.

Carnival fun. This is the first time we went to a carnival. As far as taking … Just the little tickets that they put in there, again, we went to a carnival, and having the tickets and integrating the colors that are actually coming from the pictures into the background, again I think Memvio did a really good job on that. Something that I could not, would not, wouldn’t even have the mindset to do myself. I just sent the photos into them and got back this beautiful book in return.

What’s cool about this Memvio baby 2 grad custom scrapbook page is it’s interactive.

This is Halloween, this is her second Halloween. And the first time she carved a pumpkin, and the first time that I actually carved a pumpkin in about 10 or 15 years. And I absolutely love this page, because it’s integrated as far as the first pumpkin seeds were saved and put into a little Ziploc baggie that is put into the book as a keepsake. And I think that that was a nice touch by Memvio, as far as asking me for that, because it’s something that I wouldn’t have thought to do, but ultimately they ended up requesting keepsakes, and that just helps make the book and the contents within it just that much more special.

This right here, one of my favorite pages on Memvio, this is the first ballon that I ever bought my daughter. And what was so great about this balloon is it lasted for a long time, and so we have several photos of McKenna with her balloon, different times of the year. It’s a Dory balloon. Originally where we got the pumpkin that we have the seeds from on the other page of the book, that’s when we actually got the Dory, and it ended up lasting a couple of months. And there’s several photos of this Dory balloon on these pages, and what they actually did is I sent them the balloon itself, and they wrapped the pages in there so that McKenna could have the first balloon that I ever got her for the rest of her life. And that’s something that Memvio did that will be a legacy, and a tradition within our family to be able to keep things like this forever and pass it down to our children.

This is the last page here, was the day that she got baptized. That’s a really beautiful page as well. Again, keepsake, as far as what Memvio did, is I sent them the shawl that she wore on the day of her baptism, and they ended up wrapping the pages in that, and having a little bow from her dress that she’ll be able to keep. Again, it brings it to life, it’s so detail-oriented, and brings to life the actual day, makes the photos just unlock that memory, and touch your heart again, which is nice.

Everyone needs a Memvio, because it lets you relive the experiences that you’ve had in the past.

And the scrapbook itself makes the pictures as close to the day, if not sometimes even better than the day itself.

I believe it’s important for everyone to join Memvio’s Baby 2 Grad program, because you can pass it down to your children, and the children’s children, and it’s just something that they will be able to cherish for years to come.

I really enjoy looking through it, I know my daughter really enjoys looking through it with me, and as she gets older we add more books to the collection, it’s just going to be that much better a token of the beautiful life that we live.

And the awesome moments that we have, and the special times that are now, and the special times that we’re going to have in the future.

I’m Robert Siata, and I love Memvio.

Sign up for your Baby 2 Grad Memvio Scrapbook Program Today!

Why A Memvio Scrapbook Is An Essential Part Of Your Wedding

Emily And Jason Kotas Share Why Creating a Memvio Wedding Scrapbook must be an essential part of YOUR wedding.

I’m Emily Kotas.

And I’m Jason Kotas.

And we met working together at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, and we were both working together on a courage classic bike tour for the hospital. Jason was doing medical support, and I was doing sponsorship sales for the event. He actually proposed at that event three years after we met at that event.

So, we decided to get married here in Denver and got a bunch of great photographs of our wedding. And one of my good friends from high school, Megan McCann, let us know about her mom and all the scrapbooking she’s doing, and how just natural, and authentic and wonderful she is, and that she would be able to tell our story so well through scrapbooking, and so we got in touch with the Memvio Team, and she put together this book that has brought tears to our eyes on multiple occasions.

Good tears.

Yeah, and just reminds us of one of the greatest days of our life. An emotional day, a wonderful day, and it’s just been so fantastic to have these pictures right at our hand.

It was very similar. I was working at Children’s Hospital as the EMS manager there and met Emily working on this bike event, and we fell in love over the course of a few years, which was really wonderful, and got married. And Emily kind of told a little bit about our marriage, and the actual wedding, and all the photography, but then a little while, a few years after that, we found ourselves pregnant and had a little son. And then, once again, the Memvio Team kind of came to mind, again, just as another way to really tell a story in a creative way. It’s a story obviously we know so well, but for people to have the ability and skill to tell that story in such kind of an emotional and unique way, that’s what we found with our wedding photos that the Memvio Team were able to do, and so we thought kind of perfect.

We always want to write down notes, and take pictures, and record every minute of having our son, Sam, but that’s really hard to do, and we don’t have the time. We kind of started trying to keep a little book going, and it really quickly got away from us. And so, again, that was just another amazing thing about Memvio and working with the Memvio Team, was that we could just get her a bunch of the pictures, and know that we got this thing back that was just truly inspirational and kind of told the story how we saw it in our head, but that we were clearly unable to do. It was outside of our skill set.

That’s true.

So, that’s kind of my half of the story of joining up with Emily and having Sam.

I think nowadays there are so many amazing things about digital images, but one of the challenges is, is you end up having thousands and thousands of digital images, and they live on my hard drive, and they live on my computer, and no one really gets to see them.

And when people come over, they don’t know that they’re there on my computer, and they’re kind of not out for show, and that was really one of the things that we thought was so special, is now when people come to our house, they see the book out, and they’re like, what is that? And we find ourselves having much more opportunity to kind of go through them and relive the moments, and then share the stories and talk with other people about it.

We only have so much wall space for photographs to print out.

And then, when you do that too, you find choosing maybe one, or two or three photos you really love to put on the wall is really hard to do, and again, you’re not really able to tell that whole story. And so, again, that’s kind of what drew us towards the incredible Memvio product, and the memories, and the story and working with the Memvio Team.

So, as a wedding photographer myself, I know how important photographs are, and even being a wedding photographer for myself, I still have all my wedding photos on a CD on my computer. We’ve printed out two, two of them, and they’re behind that door that’s open.

And so, with the Memvio Team, I reached out, and I said, “I would love to have this book,” and literally I uploaded photographs to a website, forgot about it, and two months later, a month or two, done. It was this beautiful book in our hands, moments that we had kind of forgotten about. Because you print off those formals of the family, you print off those moments that everyone kind of has, but you forget about the moments when your friend whipper her purse around … you know, like, you forget about those moments, but the Memvio Team finds those perfect moments and captured them for us in the book, and it was so easy.

I think the ease of using and interacting with the Memvio was amazing, because again, after the wedding, you’re so busy. There’s thank you cards, there’s so much going on, and just to be able to say, click, take all of our great pictures, they’re gone, you know you’re going to get them back. And I got to be honest, again, Emily’s a wedding photographer, we both are interested in the arts and appreciate artistic products, and you know, there are so many books that you can order online, and again, you just upload them, but you get back a product that is very kind of-

It’s flat.

It’s not very individual. Yes, it’s very flat.

Or emotional.

There’s no kind of emotion behind it. There’s no craftsmanship. It’s just kind of flat printed photos in a pre-made template. And what I get from these, and the response we get from our family and friends when they see them, is they’re just blown away by the craftsmanship-

And the time.

And the individuality.


They’re just so unique, and there’s no way you can get that from sending them to an online website, and getting something back three days later that’s printed on flat paper.


Each Scrapbook Page From Memvio is a true piece of art.

And I think that’s what drew us to Memvio.

I’m so glad that we worked with Memvio on our custom wedding scrapbook.

Create Your Wedding Scrapbook With Memvio

Why create a Memvio Wedding Scrapbook? Emily And Jason Share Their Testimonial About Their Wedding With Memvio

Emily and Jason share why they chose to create a custom designed wedding scrapbook with Memvio to preserve their wedding memories forever.

Emily and I are very interested in the arts. We worked really hard to make sure that our wedding had that feel to it, that hand-crafted, really artistic feel, and it starts right with our invitations.

Both of us have a shared tattoo artist that we work with, and he does a lot of other art for us. He’s a really amazing guy. So we had him design these invitations custom, which we thought were amazing and beautiful.

When we got them back, we would have never even thought to do a custom wedding scrapbook from Memvio like this. She took the time and effort and energy to put these beautiful beads and highlight the flowers.

And how … when else do you see your wedding invitations? You know, you send them out and that’s usually the last you see of them, so to have them displayed at the front of the book has been really amazing.

Just the really creative, artistic touches on something we already thought was so perfect and artistic, and then you see that and you’re like, “Wow. I would have never in a million years thought to do that.”


And again, just taking the time. The theme on each scrapbook page, each grouping of photos on each Memvio Wedding scrapbook page is incredible.

Yeah, and these, the little photographs. You would never print out the sweet little note he gave me on the wedding day. You would never … why would you print that and hang it on your wall? But to see it again like this, and the little champagne bottle you sent me. You know, you forget about those moments.


And then how you felt. I love champagne, that’s why I was so happy.

And I think just you can tell the eye, and the attention to detail, the color palettes for each Memvio wedding scrapbook section, and the way things flow together, and the repetition of certain shapes is just really incredible.


And even a lot of the ribbon even matches the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Yeah, and the flowers.

And the flowers.

All my girls.

So many bridesmaids. There’s just so much emotion in this because if you send your pictures off to Apple or iPhoto, or wherever you go to get your pictures done, they don’t know that these pictures correspond with these pictures or vice versa. And just to capture the emotion of these moments that Memvio knows so well, it’s huge, and I think it’s priceless.

And I think too, a lot of the specialness of the Memvio product is just the dimension of the product.

There is a ton of dimension on each scrapbook page. There are hand cut out pieces.

The brick, it’s crazy.

There are layered components, and I think that really adds a really neat, artistic feel to it.

You lose that. This is an old art, I think. With those digital books, they’re so easy to make, and they are mass-produced.

It’s a mass-produced product, but this book, you’re making it. It’s the ease is exactly the same. You’re uploading photos, but what you get back is a completely superior product.

The feel of having a piece of lace or something.


An actual piece of lace in the book with the wedding dress is pretty incredible.

It’s pretty. It’s pretty wonderful, and it brings back all of these memories for sure. How cold it was. The ice.

Yeah, it was a little chilly at our wedding.

It was negative two degrees. Whoops.

And we had some outdoor areas involved in our wedding.

We did.

Then there are so many pops of color on almost every Memvio custom designed wedding scrapbook page.


And again, just the different textures, the overlay where you actually, you see a picture and the matting overlay another photo. Again, it just gives it that really warm, wonderful dimension that you don’t get from a flat-printed page.

And the time that she must have taken. You know, do you glue each? I don’t even know, but it’s just, it just seems like such a-

We don’t even know how the Memvio team does this.

I don’t even know.

And again, the cutouts, the individuality of the cutouts, and-

The die cuts.

Oh the die cuts, that’s right.

Memvio is very high-tech in their work on custom scrapbook designs and pages.

This is my favorite page. But we did this in an old barn with a brick wall behind us and some industrial lights. But the Memvio team created this custom wedding scrapbook page  to look like a cathedral because it was spiritual to us, I think. It was very individual, and such a personal ceremony. But the fact that she almost made it look like a church, or a cathedral of sorts was really neat.

And I think for a couple that enjoys looking at artistic things, but that might not be their special talent is picking those things out. It’s really hard, a lot of the online products where you have to design it yourself, and pick the templates and drag photos in. It takes a lot of time, and you might not have that eye.

And I think that this page is a really great example of that, of … I don’t think there are many people that are going to take one image and cut it into that many plains, but when you see it done, it’s absolutely stunning, and it adds so much to the image, how it highlights each person.


Memvio wedding scrapbook pages are just truly incredible, and something I don’t think that any of us would have thought about.


And we do artistic stuff a lot, nonetheless, maybe somebody who that’s not their specialty.

Yeah, completely.

But Mevio brings that eye to it.

There’s everybody. We had a huge wedding party.

And just knowing too, that there’s not this rotating three, or four-page template. The Memvio team knew the colors.

Yeah, no page is the same.

No pages are the same, and Memvio knew the colors we had in our wedding. Memvio knew Emily’s style, and Memvio was able to replicate a lot of that with repeating patterns, and just the colors, and the pops of gold that Memvio used. Just knowing us, and talking with us before Memvio did this, Memvio really brought that through in the product.

And I feel like if you’re going to spend the money to have a photographer at your wedding, you should spend the money to have an album, because otherwise, you’re having a photographer just to, just for the flash at the wedding, and two pictures on the wall. But if you’re getting all of your pictures back from your photographer, it would be a waste not to have something like this afterward.

It’s nice to be able to show them off in a really amazing way.

This is the page Memvio created  for your dad.

Yeah, and at the wedding, my dad obviously was a big part of the ceremony, my dad and mom. But then as time went on right after the wedding, and then the little time afterwards, he ended up getting sick, and had cancer and passed away pretty quickly. Memvio was able to put together this really just amazing tribute to my dad, from the wedding and included some just really amazing quotes and text, just you know-

And just a tasteful tribute.


You know, nothing crazy, but just a sweet, tasteful, not-

Special touch, you know, and I think that’s a lot of what Memvio is, it just has that special unique touch.


That’s cool.

And then my dad drinking from the bottle of champagne.

Or, you know, to have an actual cutout bottle of champagne with our last name on it.

Oh my God, with our initial, it’s-

You know, I mean just again, it’s that … Any time anyone sees this, they’re just like, “Wow.” That’s not something you’re going to find anywhere else.

And then you forget, they were at our wedding. I don’t remember Cora, she was quiet, but then … And Grammy Teeny is no longer with us. It’s just these things that … God, life goes by so fast.

The doughnuts.


Who doesn’t love doughnuts? And then the Mevmio team added doughnuts. It’s just so good.

More doughnuts to the doughnut page.


Father, daughter dance, yeah. Our first dance. I mean every single moment of our wedding is captured on a page in this album.

So I have fond memories of being young, and even through my teen years, and into college, of looking at old photo albums that my mom and dad had of their family.


And I think the specialness of that, the nostalgia of that. And you know, again, as this day and age becomes more and more digital. Being able to sit down and touch something, and feel it, and smell it, is really, really special, and the specialness that comes with that. So I have really fond memories of doing that.

And then when you meet people. Like when Emily and I first started dating, I went over to her house, and we didn’t gather around a computer to flip through digital images.


We sat around on the couch with her parents and looked through photo albums and shared stories.

True, yeah.

And I think-

And I envy that generation for being … My mom was so good at scrapbooking. I still look at my baby scrapbook. As long as I’m in the picture I’m interested in basically how my life is going.

And I think we have hopes for our son Sam, who’s two now.

Yeah, Sammy, I can’t wait for him to look back at his baby book and see all those cool adventures we took him on.


Even our wedding, he wasn’t there.

So we’ll be able to sit down with him with this book and he’ll get to get a really good feel for what our wedding was like, and the ceremony, and the snowflakes.

Yeah, totally.

So I think just being able to carry on that tradition of again, it brings people together, it’s sitting around. It’s a gathering. It’s touching.

It’s feeling, and there’s a slower pace to it too that allows for story-telling, right, again, it’s not some sort of digital slideshow that’s clicking through, or maybe there’s some cheesy music playing in the background. It’s a time to sit next to somebody, touch it, flip the pages, reminisce, and tell those stories, I think is, it’s just a … it brings a real warmth to the memories.

It’s like hearing a song you haven’t heard for 10 years and falling right back in the moment you were in when the song came on the radio.


Yeah, we love them.

When you talk about the individuality, and the uniqueness of these scrapbooks, and these amazing memories, just adding those little pieces of flair that are so incredible.

I mean you look at this first, this page right here, this was at the very end of our wedding, as Emily and I were walking out, and we had everybody hold up sparklers, and create this tunnel.

Ready, wait for it.

I mean the Memvio scrapbook team had the idea to cut small holes where all the sparklers were, and put beautiful little LED lights.

And it doesn’t take away from your pictures, because you turn the page, you look at the picture, it enhances your pictures. A lot of times these scrapbooks, oh look over here at all these sparkly things. This is your picture.

Memvio highlights every single one of your wedding pictures and draws your eye in.

Just another super artistic, just wonderful touch that you’re not going to get from a mass-produced product.

Yeah, one of a kind. Completely one of a kind. So I have … I actually meet with a ton of brides who are looking to get married, and they’re hiring me to take their photographs. And if they ask, “Well, do you do albums?” I don’t do albums.

As Jason said, I don’t really have the eye to paste, and it’s so time-consuming, and editing in itself is time-consuming. But I tell my friends, and I tell these brides that I meet with, that if you aren’t getting an album, you might as well not have a photographer, because your mom or your best friend can take a couple snapshots, and those could be the ones you frame on your wall.

But if you really, really, really want a photographer so that you can look back at the pictures, and feel that moment, again and again, you absolutely have to have a Memvio Scrapbook album and not just any wedding album, but a wedding scrapbook album that is so emotional and unique, and personal to you. Why buy an album if it’s just going to be a bunch of pictures thrown on a page?

As unique as your wedding.


You know, I mean I think we worked really hard to make it so that our wedding was unique, and was us.

Unique. Yep.

And I think that’s what we wanted from our photo album was we wanted it to be as unique as we were.

It would have been disappointing to get a book back that was just plain and-


Simple and generic with all of our pictures that were so unique and wonderful.

And I think going into it, there’s a couple of things on the other side now, of the wedding that you don’t really think about when you’re doing a wedding. Obviously, you think about the food, and you think about the venue. But there were two things, two decisions that we made beforehand that I am so thankful now, that we made those decisions.


And one of those was having a videographer, which I think was amazing, ’cause we go back all the time and watch the video from our wedding. And the second is our Memvio album.

Because really, those are the two things after our wedding that we regularly go back to and look through and spend time with to help us reminisce and relive all these amazing moments.

And I would have never thought on the front end, weddings are so expensive. There are so many things you have to worry about, that both of those things, we kept pushing away like, “We don’t need to do that. We don’t need to do that.”


But really, the two products that you don’t think about spending money on, that now afterwards, that we use the most-

They’re the ones that last. It’s true.

They’re the ones that last are our Memvio custom scrapbook wedding album and our wedding video.

I’m so glad that we worked with Memvio on our custom wedding scrapbook.

Create Your Wedding Scrapbook With Memvio

The Baby 2 Grad Scrapbook Program Experience with Jason Emily and Sam

Emily and Jason have signed up for the Memvio Baby 2 Grad program and will receive scrapbook pages of their son all the way through graduation!

Hey Sammy, who is that?

Who is that bud? Look.

Who is that?

That’s Sammy.


Who is this next to you? Who are you playing with? Is that your cousin?

Is that cousin Ava? This page was really … They’re literally going down a slide. This one you got the shot.

Oh no, buddy. Look.

Who is that?

Who is that?


Yeah buddy.

Can you say Sammy?


Here. Say it into the microphone.


Say, “Sammy.”


Yeah. Ouch. Are you crying here? You got a shot. This is when you were first baby.

It’s just these kind of interactions just so fun to kind of go through it with him and he can touch it and point to it and just relive all these moments is really special. He really does like looking at this. We probably look through this once a month. Twice a month, maybe.

Who is that?


Oh man. This is where you were swimming buddy.


Remember that? Will. Oh boy.

Ice cream.

Do you like ice cream?


Yeah you do.

Who is that?


That’s right.


Who is that right there?


Mama. What are you guys doing? Are you eating ice cream?


Yeah. Who’s that? Who is that?


Yeah, but who are you playing with?


You got your big Elmo.

These are the fun little weekend trips that you take that you forget about.

That you’re probably not even going to be included in a baby book. That wouldn’t be in a baby book, but now we have a record of going to the farm and playing on the fire truck.

Right. These are the memories that kind of just get dissolved in your day to day life with a two-year-old. You forget that you went on this cool farm trip but then-

Then it lives on your computer and you never see them.

He has transformed from this age. We look back at books that your mom has and note how much Sam looks like Jason. It’ll be so cool for Sam to someday look at these maybe with his son and say, “Look how much you looked like daddy.” Just to have these photos printed out. Who knows what’s going to happen with the pictures on my computer? It scares me thinking what if they were deleted. It would be horrendous. So, you just gotta take them out. If you don’t have the time, you have to send them to the Memvio Team and they will just make them gorgeously beautiful.

You really don’t have to think about it. You send them the pictures and they bring it back. It is the way to go. Especially now with digital photos.

And to know that they’re kind of archivally preserved.


They have that preservation to them. Hey look at this, what is that?


Is that a little bug? An ant? The thought of putting some pictures of us having a picnic and then putting a bunch of food and watermelon, little ants all around it. So cool.

And his first beer.


She said it’s the most interesting kid in the world. Are you drinking a beer?

Another brilliant play by the team at Memvio that we had a couple pictures of where I handed Sam a Dos Equis beer and they turned it into this super fun and creative page that now we love looking at and laughing.

They know this is something that our family would totally appreciate even though they don’t know our family that well, but just I think by looking at these pictures, I know we’ve got a little sense of humor.

Right bubba?


Do you like this book? Yeah. (Sam will get to treasure his parent’s Memvio baby 2 grad scrapbook with his children one day.)

Yeah. We do too. What is this right here?

Say, “Robot.”


A robot.

You know, I think as a father now and having recently lost my dad and again knowing that even when we were going through his old photo albums to get pictures for his funeral and his ceremony, I think having these things is really important as something to pass down to the next generation and then the generation after that to spend time with my son, with little Sammy and be able to have him sit on my lap and flip through books that tell the story of his first year of our wedding, of our love affair. All of the important things in our life I think as a dad is really cool. That we can share those and tell stories, right? And help pass that on. Then you can tell stories to your kids. Does that sound cool?


So, I think it’s just been a special thing for us to get to spend time together and look at these amazing pictures and the way that the story is retold through Memvio and the team is pretty great.

As a new mom, mom guilt is real and oh my gosh.

There’s guilt when it comes to you don’t puree organic vegetables for your child every night to eat. There are just a million things to feel guilty about every day and one of them, it’s the baby book. The dusty old baby book that’s sitting on my shelf that I don’t have time to fill in that I care to fill in. I really want to fill it in. I want him to be able to look back and I don’t have any time. I think personally you throw a little bit of money at it, and you get this beautiful book back. If I show this to any of my mom friends, they’re extremely jealous. I tell them, “Oh my God. It’s not too late. Gather the pictures from their first year.” Really you can do it at any year of their life.

It’s not hard.

It’s easy. It’s not only not hard, it’s easy. You send it off, you forget about it, you get your book back. You could do it for every single year of their life. Their team makes it really easy to do.

The importance of that is to be able to memorialize things like this is so cool.

We’re the Kotas Family. Make sure to order your Memvio today!


I’m so glad that we worked with Memvio on our Baby 2 Grad Scrapbook Program

Create Your Baby 2 Grad With Memvio


Our Gift To The Kardashian Family Your Custom Scrapbook From Memvio

We have created a scrapbook for the Kardashians.

We create custom scrapbooks for you to be able to be able to cherish and preserve your special memories for generations to come.

So let’s take a look at the scrapbook that we created for them. The beginning page is a very elegant tribute to the Kardashian name.

The next custom scrapbook page created by our talented Memvio team is a Blessings Page for Kim and her family. Here’s a great tribute to Mommy and Daddy, Kim and Kanye and you can just see from the pictures, the love that is coming out through the pictures and that’s what we really strive to work on is when we see the picture we try to create a page that shows the story in the picture. And here we feel like we’re definitely honoring Mommy and Daddy.

Now here’s North. We titled this page as the Best Dressed Dog Walker! Look at that! Such a beautiful, beautiful picture of this gorgeous little girl and I have a love for the fact that she’s a little dancer.

And now we have little Saint and oh what a little Saint he is. Oh, how adorable! And you know, we put the different crescents on the corners of this custom scrapbook page to honor his name as being Little Saint.

So here’s Chicago’s page. And what we do is we take a picture or a name and we create a layout according to what’s in the picture or the name. And here, of course, we took the name and cut out the Chicago skyline which was really fun and different and we were excited about it.

Now moving onto Kourtney Kardashian’s family. They just seem like such a fun, outgoing always going, going, going with their children and so we created a page that’s just a lot brighter and you know, fun colors to bring out the happiness in Kourtney’s family.

Then we have Mason, Kourtney Kardashian’s son.  All boy, you know we did the 100% boy and several different pictures of him growing up which was a lot of fun. And once again, we just took the colors and popped his personality and tried to really bring out the wonderful personality that Mason has.

Then, of course, we have lovely precious Penelope and this was just real fun because she seems to be such a girly girl and it was fun to pull out all the pinks and flowers and show her happiness in the pictures. Here we have Reign and we wanted to a play on words, “Reign or Shine” because we know that Reign always brings such sunshine into Kourtney’s life.

And now we have Khloe’s family. We created this page to be as simply adorable as True, truly is. And these are Snapchat pictures that we pulled, just so gorgeous. Here we scrapbooked, because of her name we have a T-R-U-E and then a heart showing the absolutely gorgeous pictures we have of True.

There’s nothing more precious than being a Mom. I should know, I raised five children, they’re my life. Kylie, if you’re watching, these pages are for you. You are such a beautiful mother and you can tell that you absolutely adore Stormy Another page for Stormy and Kylie. What a beautiful baby.

Rob, you named your daughter Dream and so we played on the name, “Living the Dream” which with a daughter as adorable as Dream is, you’re definitely living your dream. Look at those pictures. And we just pulled out the happiness, the smiles and the pink in all of her pictures and created the “Living the Dream” page for you.

The Kardashians are very fortunate in the fact that they’re having children at the same time and so the cousins can grow up together and play. When I was having children, I have eight siblings and we were all having children at the same time and it’s amazing the cousin time and how close they are to their cousins and I can just see that that’s gonna be the Kardashian family here with all of these adorable little babies being able to grow up and play together and they’re gonna be best of friends.

Now, Kendall Jenner, you don’t have any children and so we just loved creating these layouts for you. What an amazing model you are. It’s just so fun watching your career and all that you have shared with the world. With your modeling life. We love you so much. And here’s some more absolutely beautiful pictures of you and your modeling career.

Now this page is all about Kris Jenner.

Kris, I admire you tremendously. You are such an amazing matriarch of your family and what you have done for your daughters and your son and now all of your grand-babies is just amazing. And we wanted to definitely give you a tribute in the book.

And then, of course, your mother who is absolutely beautiful, I can’t believe that she’s a great grandma in these pictures. And once again, Mary-Jo as great grandma.

And finally, We Are All Family. And we created this scrapbook for you Kris and your amazing family and we would love the opportunity to continue to scrapbook for you and your family for years to come. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to show you the book and we hope to be able to get it into your hands very soon.

To the Kardashian Family: Please call us at 833.763.6846 We would love to GIVE you your family scrapbook and work with you for years to come.