Memvio’s Family Yearbooks: A Simple Solution to Scrapbooking.

Memvio is home to the first scrapbooking subscription service.


You’d be amazed at all the moments, milestones and memories that occur over the course of a year. As life goes by, these memories fade – often only to be remembered briefly when a picture pops up in your news feed or a story is recalled. Memvio is on a mission to make every special memory last forever.


With our Family Yearbooks Scrapbooking Subscription Service, you simply choose which program is best for you, set up your Memvio account, start uploading your photos — and we take care of the rest! Our professional designers create beautiful, handmade scrapbook pages completely customized for you. With a dedicated Memvio team for each customer, your scrapbook pages will beautifully tell the story of your year(s). Your photos are organized, preserved and cherished forever — for one monthly fee and NO CONTRACTS!

Let’s Get Started Making Your Memories Last Forever.

Yesterday’s memories, today’s milestones and tomorrow’s dreams: Memvio makes them last forever. Our Family Yearbook program is designed to be a stress-free, simple way to cherish life’s moments — past, present and future. Simply upload your photos throughout the year(s), whether from a month ago, a year ago, or a decade ago – and your Personal Memvio Designer will plan and design custom scrapbook pages that truly tell the story of your life.

How Does It Work? And How Much Does It Cost?

You may be surprised! Our Family Yearkbook Programs cost as little as $1 a day. Most of our Yearbook clients pay between $30-$45 per month depending on their package. Every package can be completely customized to fit your needs!

For example:

8 Custom Family Yearbook Pages Per Year:


(Plus taxes and set-up fee)

12 Custom Family Yearbook Pages Per Year:


(Plus taxes and start-up fee)

Add A Yearly Memvio Picture Video:


(One-Song Video Annually)

All of our Family Yearbook scrapbooking programs include:
-Custom Scrapbooked pages designed around your photos, your story.
-A Memvio designer dedicated to your account to assure 100% satisfaction
-Printing of Select digital photos.
-Custom-bound beautiful albums.
-Custom album spines.
-Custom reinforced paged protectors.
-Placement and preservation of “personal memoirs”
-Your photos organized by year and burned to archival 100-year CD.
-No Contracts.

Memvio has no contracts --- we create our Family Yearbook pricing based on realizing the majority of our clients enroll in our recurring program(s) for 18+ years, allowing for great savings.
Professional picture videos featuring your pictures and video clips are also available to add to your program for $15 per month.

Let's create your Memvio Family Yearbook program now!

Memvio's Family Yearbooks are the easy and cost-effective way to cherish your life's moments! Customize your program now!

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