Memvio Client Testimonials

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"It is truly a one of a kind piece of art..."

Memvio created our wedding album and it is absolutely gorgeous.

The details are so intricate and creative. It is truly a one of a kind piece of art and a great way to remember our favorite day. I highly recommend working with the Memvio team to save your special memories.

-Meagan Moodie, Denver, CO

"It’s super creative, unique and personalized. We love it!"

The Memvio Team is amazing.

 They created a beautiful wedding album for my wife and I. We loved it so much that we are now hiring them to make us an album for our son! It’s super creative, unique and personalized. We love it! Thanks Memvio!

-Jason Kotas, Denver, CO

"Everyone should try them. You will be glad you did!"

I am so delighted that Memvio is up and running and available to all.

Their transition from a shoebox of pictures and good intentions (and sometimes accompanied by another bigger box of expensive but never opened scrap-booking supplies) to the first-rate treasure created by memvio is always exciting and wonderful. I am excited that everyone can learn what I know about what a bargain of time, treasure, protecting of previous memories– and freedom from guilt! — that memvio has been privately for years. Everyone should try them. You will be glad you did!

– Teresa O’Connor

I will recommend to future clients for sure!

As a professional photographer...

Working with families at big events in their lives (weddings, births, birthdays…etc.) it has been fantastic to work alongside Shari and the Memvio team. The albums are beautifully and professionally made. I will recommend to future clients for sure!

– Emily Kotas

"When I first opened the book my heart dropped and I teared up..."

I am beyond happy with what I received!

They took their time and went beyond my expectations. When I first opened the book my heart dropped and I teared up. They truly told a story!!!

– Vanessa C, Los Angeles, CA

"I can’t wait to keep getting scrapbooks made by these pros..."

What an amazing service they provide!

Extremely helpful, creative, detail oriented & professional. I would recommend them for any keepsake album project. I can’t wait to keep getting scrapbooks made by these pros! 

– Jennifer Outlaw, Saint Louis, MO


"They made sure to highlight important details of our wedding..."

Memvio and the Memvio Team were AMAZING!

They did the most beautiful job putting our wedding scrap book together. They made sure to highlight important details of our wedding with the most thoughtful touches including a dedication page for my father who passed just before the wedding. We highly recommend using them for any and all occasions above all others! Or even if you are looking for the perfect gift for family and friends. The team who put our book together worked extremely hard and were great at communicating to ensure it was perfect for us a couple. It was personalized and tailored to us with the utmost attention to detail! Definitely use them!

Stefanie Underwood, Denver, CO


"Memvio’s team of talented designers made me feel so comfortable..."

Memvio’s team of talented designers made me feel so comfortable handing over my photos to them.

 The book they produced turned out so crazy awesome that I will no doubt have them continue to make memory books for my family for years and years to come!

 – Moonbeam Sunflower, Dayton, OH


"Treasures that will be in our family for decades..."

We just got our scrapbook and video from Memvio and we are in love with them.

 I’ve had thousands of photos of my children on my phone and no idea what to do with them. I’m not crafty and have no time to scrapbook for myself.
Not only did we get a one of a kind, priceless scrapbook but a memory video as well. Both the scrapbook and video are treasures that will be in our family for decades. My children love looking at them now but I know that when they are grown they will be able to appreciate it so much more. It’s a gift that will only get better with time.
I cannot recommend Memvio enough! Nowhere else would I be able to persevere my memories in such a special way and never would I have been able to create something so beautiful myself. This is the highest quality scrapbook I’ve ever seen. I can tell how much time and detail went into every page. Everyone we share our book or video with is blown away!
 – Kelsi Rehm -Lakewood, CO


"The detail was amazing..."

So personally, out of the video and the scrapbook I was most excited about the video. We got the video before the scrapbook and it was UNBELIEVABLE.

The detail was amazing it was exactly what we wanted and much more. The music went perfectly with the pictures, the design of the video was so advanced, and so much better than any other videos I’ve seen. I was all about the video I’ve been showing it to everybody. I thought the scrapbook would be nice to have but I felt my wife would be more excited about it than me. Well I was so pleasantly surprised… I mean mind blown by the scrapbook!! Every page was done so perfectly and had so much detail with exquisite design. Every page you can literally look at for five mins and it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Every picture is placed perfectly WAY better than we would have done ourselves. I mean it is absolutely amazing thanks to the talented the people at Memvio!Usually when you see a scrapbook it’s a lot of the same with very little detail. Each page of our book is completely different with amazing detail that brings the memories in the pictures back to life. I mean so many scrap books use cheap materials and stickers. The materials that Memvio uses are handcrafted you can tell because they are custom to go with your pictures. I’m not usually one to write reviews but I’m so happy with both our video and scrapbook I had to let others know not hesitate to use Memvio!

– Vincent McCann Castle Rock, CO

"The comments we received from our guests were endless..."

We hired Memvio to produce an engagement picture video for my daughter’s wedding to be played during dinner at their reception.

 Memvio helped us with the process of collecting pictures from birth through their courtship and even created an amazing section for their engagement. Absolutely amazing. The comments we received from our guests were endless. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching their stories and how their individual lives joined together on such a special night.

My daughter and son-in-law hired Memvio to scrapbook their wedding pictures, breathtaking is the only word I can think of to describe their wedding scrapbook.

Now, my daughter and son-in-law have been blessed with a baby almost one year old and a second baby on the way. They have now enrolled in Memvio’s baby-to-grad program. We can hardly wait to see the first edition of our grandbaby’s first year scrapbooked. We recommend Memvio to everyone we know and we are excited to be life-long customers.

 – Lou Schiavetta – Northport, NY

"I will keep this forever..."

I was so excited when I received this scrapbook for my graduation present!

My Memvio looks very detailed and brings back a lot of memories, I will keep this forever and I am extremely grateful to Memvio for making it…  and my mom for getting it for me! I will cherish it forever! It’s a truly unique gift idea!

 – Alayna Hare, Kansas City, KS


"I couldn’t have ever made something so beautiful!"

This company is so cool!

I wanted something special for my daughter’s graduation. Being a business owner and single mother leaves me very little time so I thought this idea was perfect. Her scrapbook and video blew me away and waaaaay over exceeded my expectations! I couldn’t have ever made something so beautiful! I highly recommend Memvio and I’m now doing the baby-to-grad for my youngest!

 – ASC Group, Olathe, KS


"A very special gift for my wife..."

Memvio made a wedding album for my wife and I and it's absolutely amazing.

 So much detail in every page. A very special gift for my wife–I highly recommend!

-Craig Moodie, Denver CO


"Like many moms I know, I just would never find the time or have the patience to do what Memvio did for me on this book..."

Memvio came to the rescue for me and my first born child!

Without them I really wouldn’t have my son’s first year of his life put together in a beautiful scrapbook! I’m a working mom that pulls long hours like many moms I know, and I just would never find the time or have the patience to do what Shari did for me on this book. All of the pages were beyond creative, and what I loved most is that Shari would contact me to ask little questions about my family to help make the book more personable. I highly recommend using Memvio!

– Senerey De Los Santos, Los Angeles, CA


"It was as if they knew and loved my loved ones..."

You need to see it to understand!

I cannot put into words all Memvio has meant to my most important and precious of times. If I ever have a disaster destroy my home, besides my loved ones, my Memvio creations are the number one things I will take with me!

Beginning with the passing of my mother and sadly following the death of my father and brother. For each of their memorial services Memvio created these amazing true stories of their lives in video. They put together the pictures, music and so many other details only Memvio does! It was as if they knew and loved my loved ones. Not a dry eye in the house at any of the services. Perfect job!

– Siobhan McCann, Centennial, CO