New Way to Remember your Deceased Loved One

Developing a celebration of life may be a one-of-a-kind method of memorializing your family member. Here is how…


When a special family member is lost, we want to keep their precious memory alive. We want to pay honorable tribute for what they did for other people while they were alive and well. Plus, we want to honor and cherish their memory and what they actually meant to us. We want to unfold their life story and share their memories to any person who’ll listen. Some of this may be achieved in a memorial service, traditional funeral, Shiva, or committal service. But most families want to go one step further to pay their respects and prepare a meaningful life celebration.


Celebration of Life: What is it?


Today, many families are choosing to commemorate their family member with a more unique and special experience. A celebration of life is the ideal method of doing that, and it’s also an excellent method of helping preserve your family member’s memory.


A celebration of life is a unique moment in time, large or small, with friends and family to commemorate or celebrate a person’s memories and life, instead of grieving their loss during a challenging time. It may be a period of celebration, as the name suggests, instead of a time of mourning and grief. Depending upon your state of mind, as well as the grief of other friends and family members, you might have the ability to hold a life celebration immediately or you might want to wait ‘til a bit of time has passed.


Losing a family member is hard yet celebrating their life’s story using a Memvio Picture video is a great way to remember their legacy always.


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