Organization and Overwhelm: How to Cherish Your Photos and Memories Through Scrapbooks and Picture Videos

Organization, Strings of B&W Photos

Everyone always says, “time flies,” and isn’t that the truth? How many times have you caught yourself looking back through a stack of old photos feeling completely wrapped up in nostalgia?

We love that feeling! Nostalgia is a universal experience that everyone feels. Looking through piles of photos and old albums is a tactile experience. There’s something magical about handling these memories and flipping back through time.

At Memvio we enjoy this feeling so much that it’s our specialty to preserve these precious memories in beautifully embellished scrapbooks that you can cherish forever. Maybe you’ve got a box or two of old family photos tucked away in your closet, under your bed, or possibly in the basement? Maybe you even have old home-movies and film slides? These memories deserve to be held in a meaningful scrapbook or picture video–not tucked away to be seen once in a blue moon.

Boxes of photographs continue to grow, don’t they? It’s because everyone is busy making memories — as they should be! Sometimes you can get so busy that you don’t even have time to print your photos, so they’re all stored digitally. Do you have a ton of photographs saved to your phone, computer, or the cloud? Those precious memories are just hanging out in there only to be seen when you have time to click through tons of unorganized folders, and likely a slow computer. Busy people don’t have time for that!

If your photos are stored on social media, like Instagram or Facebook — these memories get buried under tons of posts and likely only pop back up when you use the “on this day” memory feature to look back — this feature allows you to see the photos you posted on that exact date, and no other photos. Wouldn’t it be nice to access this type of feature, but have all of your memories at your fingertips? If so, our picture video service is perfect for you! We love making videos, choreographing your photos to music for the best trip down memory lane.

The first step to saving your photos is organization. Organizing photos can seem very overwhelming — perhaps you’ve felt this way? If you don’t have time to save your photos into a precious scrapbook, or even retrieve and save them in a digital format, think about utilizing our subscription services. We are the one-and-only yearly scrapbooking/picture video subscription service that exists, and we’d love to help you save your precious memories! We are able to create a personalized traditional scrapbook, digital scrapbook, or picture video — you simply choose which format you’d prefer! Perfect for busy people, right?

Whether you’re overwhelmed by boxes of photos, daunted by organizing albums, or lost in your digital cloud — we’ve got your back! Being able to look back at your photos in such a special way is priceless — It’s our most favorite gift to give.