Our Gift To The Kardashian Family Your Custom Scrapbook From Memvio

We have created a scrapbook for the Kardashians.

We create custom scrapbooks for you to be able to be able to cherish and preserve your special memories for generations to come.

So let’s take a look at the scrapbook that we created for them. The beginning page is a very elegant tribute to the Kardashian name.

The next custom scrapbook page created by our talented Memvio team is a Blessings Page for Kim and her family. Here’s a great tribute to Mommy and Daddy, Kim and Kanye and you can just see from the pictures, the love that is coming out through the pictures and that’s what we really strive to work on is when we see the picture we try to create a page that shows the story in the picture. And here we feel like we’re definitely honoring Mommy and Daddy.

Now here’s North. We titled this page as the Best Dressed Dog Walker! Look at that! Such a beautiful, beautiful picture of this gorgeous little girl and I have a love for the fact that she’s a little dancer.

And now we have little Saint and oh what a little Saint he is. Oh, how adorable! And you know, we put the different crescents on the corners of this custom scrapbook page to honor his name as being Little Saint.

So here’s Chicago’s page. And what we do is we take a picture or a name and we create a layout according to what’s in the picture or the name. And here, of course, we took the name and cut out the Chicago skyline which was really fun and different and we were excited about it.

Now moving onto Kourtney Kardashian’s family. They just seem like such a fun, outgoing always going, going, going with their children and so we created a page that’s just a lot brighter and you know, fun colors to bring out the happiness in Kourtney’s family.

Then we have Mason, Kourtney Kardashian’s son.  All boy, you know we did the 100% boy and several different pictures of him growing up which was a lot of fun. And once again, we just took the colors and popped his personality and tried to really bring out the wonderful personality that Mason has.

Then, of course, we have lovely precious Penelope and this was just real fun because she seems to be such a girly girl and it was fun to pull out all the pinks and flowers and show her happiness in the pictures. Here we have Reign and we wanted to a play on words, “Reign or Shine” because we know that Reign always brings such sunshine into Kourtney’s life.

And now we have Khloe’s family. We created this page to be as simply adorable as True, truly is. And these are Snapchat pictures that we pulled, just so gorgeous. Here we scrapbooked, because of her name we have a T-R-U-E and then a heart showing the absolutely gorgeous pictures we have of True.

There’s nothing more precious than being a Mom. I should know, I raised five children, they’re my life. Kylie, if you’re watching, these pages are for you. You are such a beautiful mother and you can tell that you absolutely adore Stormy Another page for Stormy and Kylie. What a beautiful baby.

Rob, you named your daughter Dream and so we played on the name, “Living the Dream” which with a daughter as adorable as Dream is, you’re definitely living your dream. Look at those pictures. And we just pulled out the happiness, the smiles and the pink in all of her pictures and created the “Living the Dream” page for you.

The Kardashians are very fortunate in the fact that they’re having children at the same time and so the cousins can grow up together and play. When I was having children, I have eight siblings and we were all having children at the same time and it’s amazing the cousin time and how close they are to their cousins and I can just see that that’s gonna be the Kardashian family here with all of these adorable little babies being able to grow up and play together and they’re gonna be best of friends.

Now, Kendall Jenner, you don’t have any children and so we just loved creating these layouts for you. What an amazing model you are. It’s just so fun watching your career and all that you have shared with the world. With your modeling life. We love you so much. And here’s some more absolutely beautiful pictures of you and your modeling career.

Now this page is all about Kris Jenner.

Kris, I admire you tremendously. You are such an amazing matriarch of your family and what you have done for your daughters and your son and now all of your grand-babies is just amazing. And we wanted to definitely give you a tribute in the book.

And then, of course, your mother who is absolutely beautiful, I can’t believe that she’s a great grandma in these pictures. And once again, Mary-Jo as great grandma.

And finally, We Are All Family. And we created this scrapbook for you Kris and your amazing family and we would love the opportunity to continue to scrapbook for you and your family for years to come. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to show you the book and we hope to be able to get it into your hands very soon.

To the Kardashian Family: Please call us at 833.763.6846 We would love to GIVE you your family scrapbook and work with you for years to come.

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