Wedding Picture Videos

Memvio’s Wedding Picture Videos
Starting at $180

What’s Included:

-Amazing, custom picture video(s) featuring your memories and moments.
-Option to include video clips.
-Professional design.
-Pick your music.
-Creative disc label and DVD case.

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Wedding Picture Video FAQs

Yes! A short “edited” ready for placement— video clip or two can be a nice addition to your Memvio. A few edited ready for placement video clips is an included feature to all of our picture video packages. Video clips needing editing, before placement is charged at $30.00 per half hour.
An unusually large number of video clips added to your picture video will be charged a small upcharge or you can choose our mini-video clip “modern home movie” service.
You tell us what you want and we’ll create it for you. Custom packages are always an option.
Music is a very important factor in creating the right mood for your Memvio. In fact, we pride ourselves having the ability to choreograph your photos to the music. We take our time to arrange particular photos with certain lyrics and we always make sure the photos are moving to the correct beat of the music. Being a dancer/choreographer has come in very handy with creating the perfect timing of each picture/slide.
For song ideas review our song list here.
Copyright laws regarding music are enforced. Memvio obtains music legally and we require our customers to do the same. Our photo videos are created for private use only. We create them for you with the complete understanding that they are not intended for public presentation, you will not charge a fee for people to view your Memvio and you will not duplicate or use your Memvio for any other purpose other than private use.
If you wish to include music from your music collection we require proof that it has been legally purchased through iTunes (or similar service) or a purchased CD from the artist. We legally cannot use unauthorized, downloaded mp3 files or burned CDs. When we provide your music, we purchase the music specifically for your Memvio. All music that we obtain is included in the quoted price of your Picture Video.
If you think it is possible that you will want to add to the same Memvio at a later time, we suggest you have us provide you a “collected show file” flash drive or cloud upload (for an additional fee) of your picture video. If you safe guard the format we should be able to upload your show at a later date and then, add to your show.
No. We do incorporate anti-copying technology to prevent duplication of the actual DVD. If you attempt duplicating the original DVD you could damage it. Memvio is not responsible for damaged DVDs. You may order additional DVD copies within 30 days of receipt of your Memvio.

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