Preparing Your Forget-Me-Not Media

We make preparing and submitting your pictures and videos for Forget-Me-Not Tributes easy.

Select the prints, slides, & video clip footage, and other memorabilia you would like in your picture video tribute and/or scrapbook. Note: for rushed services—video clips must be edited and ready for placement.

Organize the originals in order, by date, subject or any other order you prefer. Number and title each image. Use a pencil if possible, no sticky notes please. For mixed-media productions, number each media separately:

Printed photos 1-10

Slides 1-10

Digital photos 1-10 (name the digital files by number)

Select a title for your Tribute. (i.e. “Never Forgotten”, “Celebration of Life”)

Picture Video Tribute Only – If you have favorite music, send us your requests. Otherwise, we will choose songs we find works well with age and personality of your lost loved one.

Picture Video Tribute Only — Select a picture for the cover and disc. Please label the photo “Cover Image” either on the back of the printed photo or the digital photo label name (after the digital photo order number from step 2)

Picture Video Tribute Only — Decide how many copies of your Forget-Me-Not Picture Video you’ll need.

Submit your Photos/Video Clips by mailing (overnight for rushed Memorial services) printed photos and slides to:

14532 Manchester Rd
Winchester, MO 63011

Or upload your photos to your Memvio Dropbox account. Your Memvio Dropbox account is set up after you have placed your order for your Forget-Me-Not tribute


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