Preserve Sweet Spring Memories in a Custom Scrapbook

Time marches on. The phrase has been around for ages, but holds ever so true, regardless of life’s events. This spring, take the time to step back and admire the moments and milestones that happen along time’s march — the laughs on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, the look on your mom’s face when you show up unexpectedly at her door, and everything in between.

This time of year is packed with milestone events: Mother’s Day, Spring Break, Graduation. Wait — It’s already time for Spring Break?! And so time marches! Many of us take memorable trips in the spring when we start itching for warmer weather and a close to the semester. Maybe the trip isn’t epic, but it has some extra special moments regardless. Those moments tend to slip by in a blink — make sure you do what you can to hold them close!
Some memories may not seem significant at the time they happen, but may become more valuable later. And sometimes the ordinary — like the cookout on the first night, or the first campfire — become the most cherished.

  • If you’ve ever heard a loved one talk about a big storm everyone had to run for cover from, helping a stuck turtle back to the water, a midnight swim, or that time they left a pizza in the oven too long and burned the edges, you know what kind of memories we’re talking about
  • Think about how special it would be if you could string together a series of pictures of those small things. Now that would be a treasure to revisit for years to come. What a great graduation gift it would be to have a custom scrapbook or picture video made of the little things — they are what really matters!
  • Moments don’t last forever, but the memories and stories sure can, and we’d love to help you preserve them in a scrapbook or picture video of your choice. Friendships often last decades, so how fun would that be to revisit that spring break trip next time everyone’s back together? Family time is always a great time to reflect on cherished moments, so how amazing would it be to look back on that cookout, turtle or pizza night?
  • either digital picture video or physical we love making both! — and cause time to stop marching, if only for a second. Reflect and enjoy the memories again!