Baby to Grad Yearbook Program #1 – $19.99/Month

$19.99 / month and a $99.00 initial payment

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After Checkout, you will receive an email to set up your Memvio account and provide us with additional details, including music choices, theme colors and other preferences about your project. A Memvio team member will follow up with you to start creating your custom, handmade Memvio!

On average, each song creatively displays 60-80 photos, but we can create Memvio Picture Videos with as little as 20 and as many as 120 photos per song. Your Memvio designer will work with you to create a truly custom video with what you have to work with.

Catch-up years:
With your pre-set Baby-to-Grad low monthly fee package, —you have purchased a one song picture video per year. If your child is beyond their “newborn year” —you can choose to have us go backwards in time and “catch-up” on previous years. Just let us know how many years back you would like to go back. and how many songs you would like to add to your program. You can choose to pay for additional “catch-up” songs in one lump sum and receive the videos upon their completion or you can choose to add to your monthly installment fee and pay for the additional videos over 12 months.

Example: your child is 5 when you enroll in the Memvio baby-to-grad picture video program.  This means you need 5 one song “catch-up” picture videos @ $180 each x 5 = $900. You can pay the $900 today and receive the first 5 picture videos as soon as we have them completed or you can divide the $900 over 12 months (adding $75 to your monthly installments for the first 12 months of your program) receiving the catch-up picture videos at the completion of your first year. $94.99 monthly for 12 payments. After, 12 months,  your monthly installment will revert back to $19.99 monthly for the remainder of the program.

Additional option(s): move forward —- in time, if you choose to “catch-up” we can work out a payment plan.

Or, you can choose to not “catch-up” — moving forward only.