Baby to Grad Yearbook Option #3 – $49.99/month

$1.00 / month and a $1.00 initial payment

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Catch-up years:
With each pre-set Baby-to-Grad low monthly fee package, —you have purchased a set number of pages per year. If your child is beyond their “newborn year” —you can choose to have some of your per-year purchased pages assigned to go backwards in time and “catch-up” on previous years, keeping your low monthly fee the same —while having us scrapbook all 18 years of your child’s, childhood.

Example: if your package includes 12 purchased pages per year (your child is 5 when you enroll) —-would you like 2-4 of your yearly purchased pages over the years to be assigned to previous years?

Additional option(s): move forward —- using all purchased pages for current year. Then purchasing additional pages throughout the years to eventually “catch-up” on previous years.

Or, you can choose to not “catch-up” — moving forward only.