Memvio’s Family Yearbooks: A Simple Solution to Scrapbooking.

Memvio is home to the first scrapbooking subscription service.

You’d be amazed at all the moments, milestones and memories that occur over the course of a year. As life goes by, these memories fade – often only to be remembered briefly when a picture pops up in your news feed or a story is recalled. Memvio is on a mission to make every special memory last forever.

With our Family Yearbook Subscription Service, you simply choose which program is best for you, set up your Memvio account, start uploading your photos — and we take care of the rest! Our professional designers create beautiful, handmade scrapbook pages completely customized for you. With a dedicated Memvio team for each customer, your scrapbook pages will beautifully tell the story of your year(s). Your photos are organized, preserved and cherished forever — for one monthly fee and NO CONTRACTS!

Scrapbooking Subscriptions start at $29.99/month or Build Your Own Plan!

Let’s Get Started Making Your Memories Last Forever.

Yesterday’s memories, today’s milestones and tomorrow’s dreams: Memvio makes them last forever. Our Family Yearbook program is designed to be a stress-free, simple way to cherish life’s moments — past, present and future. Simply upload your photos throughout the year(s), whether from a month ago, a year ago, or a decade ago – and your Personal Memvio Designer will plan and design custom scrapbook pages that truly tell the story of your life.

Custom scrapbook pages every year – handcrafted by your personal Memvio designer. Your life’s moments and milestones, cherished forever – for an easy monthly fee. Stress-Free Scrapbooking!

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Remember When Package 1: $29.99/Month

Your photos and video clips beautifully choreographed to your favorite music – delivered to your door every year in a custom-designed DVD case.

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Remember When Picture Video Package

More beautiful custom scrapbook pages per year, crafted from your photos. Yours to cherish year after year. Work with your personal Memvio designer to make the memories and milestones of your year(s) come to life.

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Remember When Package #2: $44.99/month

Customize your Memvio Remember When package based on your goals and budget. Choose your number of annual pages, add picture videos and get started today!

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Create Your Own Remember When

Remember When FAQs

Yes. Absolutely. We have a few different programs to help you go back in time.  We would be glad to talk to you about your options.

Yes, of-course! You can go back in time or further in time. You have multi- years to enjoy your life’s milestones and memories in a very exciting, creative and professional platform.

Yes. No problem. We do not have you sign any contract. You can participate for any length of time you choose.

Yes, at any time you decide you are interested in adding the picture video program to your scrapbooking package no problem. You can also go back in time if you would like, just let us know your wishes and we’ll be glad to help.

Yes and no. We certainly want you to inform us of what photos are the most memorable and important to you so we can include them. A lot of our clients have no time, we strive for memvio be the easiest, non-time consuming — most wonderful experience possible Clients also do not understand the number of photos it takes to design a great— full layout, or that the orientation (wide vs tall) needs variety. Our number one objective is to create for you a one-of-a-kind master piece that you will be so proud to have displayed on your coffee table.

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