Katie Goodall, Englewood, CO

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My husband and I are foster parents to two beautiful babies. I wanted to do something special for him this Father’s Day and Memvio went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I opted for the picture video and it is so adorable! I sent Shari over 700 pictures to choose from and about 8 different music artists that my husband likes. I left it all in her hands and it’s like she reached into my heart and picked the perfect songs to go with the perfect pictures. She was able to highlight both of our kids’ personalities and my husband’s love for them both. I have cried every time I watch the video and I know he is going to love it as well! Thank you Shari, for making this keepsake for us! I will definitely be doing the “baby to grad” program now that I’ve seen this video! ❤️

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