Lou Schievetta Northport, NY

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We hired Memvio to produce an engagement picture video for my daughter’s wedding to be played during dinner at their reception. Memvio helped us with the process of collecting pictures from birth through their courtship and even created an amazing section for their engagement. Absolutely amazing. The comments we received from our guests were endless. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching their stories and how their individual lives joined together on such a special night. My daughter and son-in-law hired Memvio to scrapbook their wedding pictures, breathtaking is the only word I can think of to describe their wedding scrapbook. Now, my daughter and son-in-law have been blessed with a baby almost one year old and a second baby on the way. They have now enrolled in Memvio’s every year program. We can hardly wait to see the first edition of our grandbaby’s first year scrapbooked. We recommend Memvio to everyone we know and we are excited to be life-long customers.

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