Vincent McCann Castle Rock, CO

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So personally, out of the video and the scrapbook I was most excited about the video. We got the video before the scrapbook and it was UNBELIEVABLE. The detail was amazing it was exactly what we wanted and much more. The music went perfectly with the pictures, the design of the video was so advanced, and so much better than any other videos I’ve seen. I was all about the video I’ve been showing it to everybody. I thought the scrapbook would be nice to have but I felt my wife would be more excited about it than me. Well I was so pleasantly surprised… I mean mind blown by the scrapbook!! Every page was done so perfectly and had so much detail with exquisite design. Every page you can literally look at for five mins and it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Every picture is placed perfectly WAY better than we would have done ourselves. I mean it is absolutely amazing thanks to the talented the people at Memvio! Usually when you see a scrapbook it’s a lot of the same with very little detail. Each page of our book is completely different with amazing detail that brings the memories in the pictures back to life. I mean so many scrap books use cheap materials and stickers. The materials that Memvio uses are handcrafted you can tell because they are custom to go with your pictures. I’m not usually one to write reviews but I’m so happy with both our video and scrapbook I had to let others know not hesitate to use Memvio!

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