Kelsi Rehm Lakewood, CO

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We just got our scrapbook and video from Memvio and we are in love with them. I’ve had thousands of photos of my children on my phone and no idea what to do with them. I’m not crafty and have no time to scrapbook for myself. Not only did we get a one of a kind, priceless scrapbook but a memory video as well. Both the scrapbook and video are treasures that will be in our family for decades. My children love looking at them now but I know that when they are grown they will be able to appreciate it so much more. It’s a gift that will only get better with time.

I cannot recommend Memvio enough! Nowhere else would I be able to persevere my memories in such a special way and never would I have been able to create something so beautiful myself. This is the highest quality scrapbook I’ve ever seen. I can tell how much time and detail went into every page. Everyone we share our book or video with is blown away.

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