What Is the Importance of Memory Preservation?

It happens a lot.  Grandmother is telling the tale she always tells at the family reunion.  When she stops, somebody says, “We should’ve recorded that.”  And life passes us by, and grandmother’s tale never is recorded, and her memories are lost when she is no longer around.


Memvio is on a mission to put a stop to the loss of inspiring and valuable family stories and memories.


What is the importance of preserving memories?


Folks are shocked when they recognize that all their plans to preserve their memories did not happen. For one reason or another they never made the time or had the time to tell and record their story and, in turn, their friends and family don’t know them or for that matter, their family history.


In the meantime, in the past two decades, technology and specifically digital photographs and video changed how folks share and preserve memories. At age 40 and above folks start valuing their family legacy. Now it’s common for adults to capture sporting events, weddings, and other milestones. But very few, if any, adults ever have turned the camera on themselves to tell their story.  Now it’s possible.  Now there’s a comfortable, professional, effortless, confidential, and organized way for people to tell their story.


That is where memvio comes in. We help gather memories from many locations (cell phones, computers, social media, cloud services, back-up drives, etc.) and we help get them all organized for you.


We will convert all old media to digital (VHS-DVD, old/warped/damaged photos corrected and scanned, slides and negatives transferred, etc.).


We then turn your now collected and organized memories into heirlooms and keepsakes via scrapbooks, picture slideshows, digital photo books, shadow boxes, legacy interviews, and so much more. Your Vision, Our Passion.


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