What Types of Storytelling Provide the Most Psychological Relief?

Healing through storytelling may take place in many ways. Some folks might want to talk their emotions and feelings out with other people. They might feel at ease sharing with another family member or friend, a psychologist, a therapist, clergy member or pastor, family physician, etc. And they might have to tell their narrative several times, and not just one time. The ones close to one experiencing loss or grief might have to be patient as the individual works through their loss the best way possible. Occasionally the best thing to do is offer a listening ear without judgement or without attempting to “make them better or “solve their problem.” Here, memvio lists 4 ways to tell your story:


Journal writing


Writing your feelings and stories in a bound journal. You might opt to write weekly or daily. When the journal is full, it’s possible to purchase another book to continue the process. It’s possible to keep your journal, or you might want to destroy it.


Song writing


You might prefer to express yourself and stories through writing a song, without or with music. The point includes letting your feelings out via creative expression.




Do you like writing for children, teens, or adults? Book writing might just be up your alley. You might want to reveal your feelings and stories through fictional characters in a fantasy or real-life setting. There isn’t obligation to publish the book. You simply can use this technique as a cathartic method of healing your soul and heart.


Digital storytelling


Place your experience on the internet to share your stories with other people who might be going through a likewise hardship. Begin a blog, website, or social media platform to share your experiences and communicate with and help others.


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