Why create a Memvio Wedding Scrapbook? Emily And Jason Share Their Testimonial About Their Wedding With Memvio

Emily And Jason Tell You Why They Recommend You Order A Custom Designed Wedding Scrapbook From Memvio

Emily and Jason share why they chose to create a custom designed wedding scrapbook with Memvio to preserve their wedding memories forever.

Emily and I are very interested in the arts. We worked really hard to make sure that our wedding had that feel to it, that hand-crafted, really artistic feel, and it starts right with our invitations.

Both of us have a shared tattoo artist that we work with, and he does a lot of other art for us. He’s a really amazing guy. So we had him design these invitations custom, which we thought were amazing and beautiful.

When we got them back, we would have never even thought to do a custom wedding scrapbook from Memvio like this. She took the time and effort and energy to put these beautiful beads and highlight the flowers.

And how … when else do you see your wedding invitations? You know, you send them out and that’s usually the last you see of them, so to have them displayed at the front of the book has been really amazing.

Just the really creative, artistic touches on something we already thought was so perfect and artistic, and then you see that and you’re like, “Wow. I would have never in a million years thought to do that.”


And again, just taking the time. The theme on each scrapbook page, each grouping of photos on each Memvio Wedding scrapbook page is incredible.

Yeah, and these, the little photographs. You would never print out the sweet little note he gave me on the wedding day. You would never … why would you print that and hang it on your wall? But to see it again like this, and the little champagne bottle you sent me. You know, you forget about those moments.


And then how you felt. I love champagne, that’s why I was so happy.

And I think just you can tell the eye, and the attention to detail, the color palettes for each Memvio wedding scrapbook section, and the way things flow together, and the repetition of certain shapes is just really incredible.


And even a lot of the ribbon even matches the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Yeah, and the flowers.

And the flowers.

All my girls.

So many bridesmaids. There’s just so much emotion in this because if you send your pictures off to Apple or iPhoto, or wherever you go to get your pictures done, they don’t know that these pictures correspond with these pictures or vice versa. And just to capture the emotion of these moments that Memvio knows so well, it’s huge, and I think it’s priceless.

And I think too, a lot of the specialness of the Memvio product is just the dimension of the product.

There is a ton of dimension on each scrapbook page. There are hand cut out pieces.

The brick, it’s crazy.

There are layered components, and I think that really adds a really neat, artistic feel to it.

You lose that. This is an old art, I think. With those digital books, they’re so easy to make, and they are mass-produced.

It’s a mass-produced product, but this book, you’re making it. It’s the ease is exactly the same. You’re uploading photos, but what you get back is a completely superior product.

The feel of having a piece of lace or something.


An actual piece of lace in the book with the wedding dress is pretty incredible.

It’s pretty. It’s pretty wonderful, and it brings back all of these memories for sure. How cold it was. The ice.

Yeah, it was a little chilly at our wedding.

It was negative two degrees. Whoops.

And we had some outdoor areas involved in our wedding.

We did.

Then there are so many pops of color on almost every Memvio custom designed wedding scrapbook page.


And again, just the different textures, the overlay where you actually, you see a picture and the matting overlay another photo. Again, it just gives it that really warm, wonderful dimension that you don’t get from a flat-printed page.

And the time that she must have taken. You know, do you glue each? I don’t even know, but it’s just, it just seems like such a-

We don’t even know how the Memvio team does this.

I don’t even know.

And again, the cutouts, the individuality of the cutouts, and-

The die cuts.

Oh the die cuts, that’s right.

Memvio is very high-tech in their work on custom scrapbook designs and pages.

This is my favorite page. But we did this in an old barn with a brick wall behind us and some industrial lights. But the Memvio team created this custom wedding scrapbook page  to look like a cathedral because it was spiritual to us, I think. It was very individual, and such a personal ceremony. But the fact that she almost made it look like a church, or a cathedral of sorts was really neat.

And I think for a couple that enjoys looking at artistic things, but that might not be their special talent is picking those things out. It’s really hard, a lot of the online products where you have to design it yourself, and pick the templates and drag photos in. It takes a lot of time, and you might not have that eye.

And I think that this page is a really great example of that, of … I don’t think there are many people that are going to take one image and cut it into that many plains, but when you see it done, it’s absolutely stunning, and it adds so much to the image, how it highlights each person.


Memvio wedding scrapbook pages are just truly incredible, and something I don’t think that any of us would have thought about.


And we do artistic stuff a lot, nonetheless, maybe somebody who that’s not their specialty.

Yeah, completely.

But Mevio brings that eye to it.

There’s everybody. We had a huge wedding party.

And just knowing too, that there’s not this rotating three, or four-page template. The Memvio team knew the colors.

Yeah, no page is the same.

No pages are the same, and Memvio knew the colors we had in our wedding. Memvio knew Emily’s style, and Memvio was able to replicate a lot of that with repeating patterns, and just the colors, and the pops of gold that Memvio used. Just knowing us, and talking with us before Memvio did this, Memvio really brought that through in the product.

And I feel like if you’re going to spend the money to have a photographer at your wedding, you should spend the money to have an album, because otherwise, you’re having a photographer just to, just for the flash at the wedding, and two pictures on the wall. But if you’re getting all of your pictures back from your photographer, it would be a waste not to have something like this afterward.

It’s nice to be able to show them off in a really amazing way.

This is the page Memvio created  for your dad.

Yeah, and at the wedding, my dad obviously was a big part of the ceremony, my dad and mom. But then as time went on right after the wedding, and then the little time afterwards, he ended up getting sick, and had cancer and passed away pretty quickly. Memvio was able to put together this really just amazing tribute to my dad, from the wedding and included some just really amazing quotes and text, just you know-

And just a tasteful tribute.


You know, nothing crazy, but just a sweet, tasteful, not-

Special touch, you know, and I think that’s a lot of what Memvio is, it just has that special unique touch.


That’s cool.

And then my dad drinking from the bottle of champagne.

Or, you know, to have an actual cutout bottle of champagne with our last name on it.

Oh my God, with our initial, it’s-

You know, I mean just again, it’s that … Any time anyone sees this, they’re just like, “Wow.” That’s not something you’re going to find anywhere else.

And then you forget, they were at our wedding. I don’t remember Cora, she was quiet, but then … And Grammy Teeny is no longer with us. It’s just these things that … God, life goes by so fast.

The doughnuts.


Who doesn’t love doughnuts? And then the Mevmio team added doughnuts. It’s just so good.

More doughnuts to the doughnut page.


Father, daughter dance, yeah. Our first dance. I mean every single moment of our wedding is captured on a page in this album.

So I have fond memories of being young, and even through my teen years, and into college, of looking at old photo albums that my mom and dad had of their family.


And I think the specialness of that, the nostalgia of that. And you know, again, as this day and age becomes more and more digital. Being able to sit down and touch something, and feel it, and smell it, is really, really special, and the specialness that comes with that. So I have really fond memories of doing that.

And then when you meet people. Like when Emily and I first started dating, I went over to her house, and we didn’t gather around a computer to flip through digital images.


We sat around on the couch with her parents and looked through photo albums and shared stories.

True, yeah.

And I think-

And I envy that generation for being … My mom was so good at scrapbooking. I still look at my baby scrapbook. As long as I’m in the picture I’m interested in basically how my life is going.

And I think we have hopes for our son Sam, who’s two now.

Yeah, Sammy, I can’t wait for him to look back at his baby book and see all those cool adventures we took him on.


Even our wedding, he wasn’t there.

So we’ll be able to sit down with him with this book and he’ll get to get a really good feel for what our wedding was like, and the ceremony, and the snowflakes.

Yeah, totally.

So I think just being able to carry on that tradition of again, it brings people together, it’s sitting around. It’s a gathering. It’s touching.

It’s feeling, and there’s a slower pace to it too that allows for story-telling, right, again, it’s not some sort of digital slideshow that’s clicking through, or maybe there’s some cheesy music playing in the background. It’s a time to sit next to somebody, touch it, flip the pages, reminisce, and tell those stories, I think is, it’s just a … it brings a real warmth to the memories.

It’s like hearing a song you haven’t heard for 10 years and falling right back in the moment you were in when the song came on the radio.


Yeah, we love them.

When you talk about the individuality, and the uniqueness of these scrapbooks, and these amazing memories, just adding those little pieces of flair that are so incredible.

I mean you look at this first, this page right here, this was at the very end of our wedding, as Emily and I were walking out, and we had everybody hold up sparklers, and create this tunnel.

Ready, wait for it.

I mean the Memvio scrapbook team had the idea to cut small holes where all the sparklers were, and put beautiful little LED lights.

And it doesn’t take away from your pictures, because you turn the page, you look at the picture, it enhances your pictures. A lot of times these scrapbooks, oh look over here at all these sparkly things. This is your picture.

Memvio highlights every single one of your wedding pictures and draws your eye in.

Just another super artistic, just wonderful touch that you’re not going to get from a mass-produced product.

Yeah, one of a kind. Completely one of a kind. So I have … I actually meet with a ton of brides who are looking to get married, and they’re hiring me to take their photographs. And if they ask, “Well, do you do albums?” I don’t do albums.

As Jason said, I don’t really have the eye to paste, and it’s so time-consuming, and editing in itself is time-consuming. But I tell my friends, and I tell these brides that I meet with, that if you aren’t getting an album, you might as well not have a photographer, because your mom or your best friend can take a couple snapshots, and those could be the ones you frame on your wall.

But if you really, really, really want a photographer so that you can look back at the pictures, and feel that moment, again and again, you absolutely have to have a Memvio Scrapbook album and not just any wedding album, but a wedding scrapbook album that is so emotional and unique, and personal to you. Why buy an album if it’s just going to be a bunch of pictures thrown on a page?

As unique as your wedding.


You know, I mean I think we worked really hard to make it so that our wedding was unique, and was us.

Unique. Yep.

And I think that’s what we wanted from our photo album was we wanted it to be as unique as we were.

It would have been disappointing to get a book back that was just plain and-


Simple and generic with all of our pictures that were so unique and wonderful.

And I think going into it, there’s a couple of things on the other side now, of the wedding that you don’t really think about when you’re doing a wedding. Obviously, you think about the food, and you think about the venue. But there were two things, two decisions that we made beforehand that I am so thankful now, that we made those decisions.


And one of those was having a videographer, which I think was amazing, ’cause we go back all the time and watch the video from our wedding. And the second is our Memvio album.

Because really, those are the two things after our wedding that we regularly go back to and look through and spend time with to help us reminisce and relive all these amazing moments.

And I would have never thought on the front end, weddings are so expensive. There are so many things you have to worry about, that both of those things, we kept pushing away like, “We don’t need to do that. We don’t need to do that.”


But really, the two products that you don’t think about spending money on, that now afterwards, that we use the most-

They’re the ones that last. It’s true.

They’re the ones that last are our Memvio custom scrapbook wedding album and our wedding video.

I’m so glad that we worked with Memvio on our custom wedding scrapbook.

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